Various ‎– Colundi Every0ne

Colundi ‎– EVERY1
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation, Limited Edition, White Label, 180 gr

Elenco tracce

A1 Aleksi Perälä Untitled 3:00
A2 Krzysztof Oktalski Untitled 4:25
A3 Reid W. Dunn Untitled 5:08
A4 F. & M. D'Arcangelo Untitled 3:08
1-a Jodey Kendrick GivitupChant413d 6:52
1-b Todd Osborn Untitled 6:17
1-c Dave Monolith* Hot 32 Day 3:20


A1 Written & Produced by Aleksi Perala
A2 Written & Produced by Krzysztof Oktalski
A3 Written & Produced by Reid Dunn
A4 Written & Produced by F.M. D'Arcangelo
1-a Written & Produced by Jodey Kendrick
1-b Written & Produced by Todd Osborn
1-c Written & Produced by David Barnard originally appeared on Dave Monolith* - Welcome
32 mins 33 rpm

Limited edition album of 300 copies issued for the Colundi Benelux Tour from 23-10 till 26-10-2015.


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13 agosto 2016
Listen on soundcloud here:
Btw, two tracks have titles there, b1 and b3.


26 marzo 2016

UK74R1512110 (colundi sequence 10) heared in a clip which depicts a test pressing with a black colundi stamp: via clone...


5 febbraio 2016
Hopefully Colundi will pick up where Rephlex left off (sorry for the cliche comparison, but it's a compliment after all). In fact, if this release is anything to go by, we can maybe expect more consistent quality. The wackiness was what made Rephlex what it was, but it's compilations were patchy at times. The same can't be said here.

The Krzysztof Oktalski track especially, understated and melancholy, shines like a snowy day from the distant past, when life was simpler and more manageable - but with the knowing that things can not always stay this way. And it's great to see the return of The Wisp on wax - providing another drop which sounds like an avalanche of popping candy exploding into a cherryade tsunami - like only he can. Jodey Kendrick also returns, mixing some harsh Universal Indicator techno with some Tuss-like breaks, and there's even seems to be layers of digeridoo's throughout. But it's not RDJ, it's Jodey dammit. If he's reminding us why we love AFX so much, then that can only be a good thing.

Like another reviewer said, all tracks have their own identities. I'm expecting more great things ahead from the man behind the superlative Astrobotnia series (less like a music project, and more like a cosmically spiritual experience) and maybe Grant Wilson-Claridge - co-founder of the aforementioned Rephlex. Braindance is still in suitable hands...


3 dicembre 2015
modificato over 5 years ago

Lovely record. All the cuts have their own appeal, but I do have a soft spot for the Reid Dunn, Todd Osborn and David Barnard tracks. More stuff like this please now Rephlex is defunct.


3 dicembre 2015
modificato over 5 years ago

1-b track by Todd Osborn is a banger! Very solid comp btw.


30 novembre 2015
official annotation:
"10/23 eve to 10/26 eve: Thesmophoria - Old Greek festival commemorating the transformation of Goddess Kore (Queen of the Living) into Persephone (Queen of the Dead), when She eloped to Elysium with Her partner, God Dionysos/Plouton, accompanied by Goddess Hekate and spirits of the dead. At Eleusis, Dionysos was considered the life aspect and Plouton the death aspect of the same Deity, just as Kore was considered the life aspect and Persephone the death aspect of the same Deity. Dionysos was wild, and subject to excess drinking, dancing, and sex. While Kore, Gaia, Zeus, and Helios considered Him to be a marital prize, Demeter thought otherwise. Consequently, She mourned their union by striking the Earth with famine."