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28 ottobre 2007
riferendosi a Horror & Science Fiction, LP, Comp, A 120 157

I love this record... first, and most important, it contains the original versions from the movies. Not some crappy covered releases that anyone with an orchestra-in-a-box and a GM-bontempi reproduced in his cellar. Especially the work of John Carpenter from "Escape from New York" is quite cool, but the excerpts from "Maniac" are also a good thriller ;)
The tracks are eerie and frightening. Some of the stuff will be a cool opener to your set...

The sad part is the sound quality, which is fair, but far from good. Constant hiss and crackle are audible and the record is very "low in level", which means you have to push your inputs.
Worth a check for the horrorbuffs :D