Various ‎– Mutazione (Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988)

Strut ‎– STRUT110CD
2 × CD, Compilation

Elenco tracce Nascondi Accrediti

1-1 Die Form (2) Are You Before
Bass Guitar, Electronics – Carlo RonchiComposed By – Zac Ahmed*, Alessandro Ronchi, Carlo Ronchi, Roberto Girardi, Stefano SangalliDrums, Percussion – Roberto GirardiGuitar – Alessandro RonchiMixed By – Luca GaudinoProducer – Die Form (2), Electric Eye (3)Saxophone, Clarinet – Abderezac AhmedSynthesizer, Vocals – Stefano SangalliVocals – F. White (2)Written-By – F. White (2)
1-2 Neon (10) Informations Of Death
Producer – Controradio, Neon (10)Synthesizer – neoTWOSynthesizer, Vocals – neoONEWritten-By – Marcello Michelotti, Stefano Fuochi*
1-3 Gaznevada Going Underground (2)
Bass – Chainsaw SallyDrums – Bat MaticEngineer – Gigi GiorgettiGuitar – E. Robert Squibb*Producer – Oderso RubiniSaxophone, Keyboards, Vocals – Billy BladeVocals, Electronics – Andrew Nevada*Written-By – Alessandro Raffini, Ciro Pagano, Giorgio Lavagna
1-4 Carmody Vulcani
Recorded By, Mixed By, Producer – CarmodySynthesizer [Synthesizers], Tape [Tapes], Bass, Guitar – Andrea LesmoVocals – Alberto RamellaWritten-By – Alberto Ramella, Andrea Lesmo
1-5 Daniele Ciullini + De Rezke Ancora Icone
Band [De Rezke Are] – Angelo Pretolani, Marco Canepa, Roberto RossiniInstruments [Voices, Rhythm Box, Synthesizers, Casiotone] – De RezkeRecorded By [In Florence] – Daniele CiulliniRecorded By [In Genoa] – De RezkeWritten-By – Angelo Pretolani, Daniele Ciullini, Roberto Rossini
1-6 0010110000010011 (Cancer)* Naonian Style
Organ [Farfisa], Performer [Rhythm] – 110010 Ale*Producer – Alessandro Barbieri*, Oderso RubiniRecorded By – Oderso Rubini, Stefano BarnabaSounds [Low Frequency] – 110100 Gibson*Synthesizer – 110011 Plexy*Synthesizer, Performer [Rhythm], Lead Vocals – 110001 Ado*Written-By – 0010110000010011*
1-7 Victrola Maritime Tatami
Guitar [Guitars], Keyboards, Guitar [Fender Stratocaster], Drum Machine [Roland TR-606], Synthesizer [Roland TB-303], Synthesizer [Roland Juno 6] – Carlo SmeriglioProducer – Mario RiveraRecorded By [On Studer 24 Tracks] – Egidio La GiolaTechnician [Roland TR-606 Bent By] – Maurizio FasoloVocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Programmed By [Bass] – Antonio Eze Cuscina'*Written-By, Performer – Antonio Eze Cuscinà*, Carlo Smeriglio
1-8 2+2=5 Jacho's Story
Electric Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer – Nino La LoggiaGuitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals – Giacomo SpazioKeyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals – Cha Cha HagiwaraProducer – 2+2=5, Marco TiniWritten-By – 2+2=5
1-9 Laxative Souls Niccolai
Written-By, Electronics – Roberto Marinelli
1-10 La 1919 Senza Tregua
Guitar [Unprepared Guitars] – Luciano MargoraniMixed By – La 1919Remastered By [Re-mastered By] – Mario Conte (3)Synthesizer [Yamaha CS30 Analogue Synthesizer], Synthesizer [EDP Wasp Analogue Synthesizer], Drum Machine [Korg DDM110] – Piero ChianuraWritten-By – Luciano Margorani, Piero Chianura
1-11 Winter Light Always Unique (Kill Myself 2)
Tracking By [Endless Overdubbing], Voice – Clark*Voice [Teenage Hearthrob Voice] – Tarcisio*Written-By, Producer – Robert Clark (2)
1-12 Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici Back And Forth
Keyboards, Drum Programming, Voice [Second] – Maurizio DamiProducer – Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, Roberto NistriVoice [Lead] – Marco PaoliWritten-By – Andrea Zingoni, Antonio Glessi, Maurizio Dami
1-13 L'Ultimo Arcano 1984-1985
Written-By, Drum Programming, Effects – Giorgio Cantoni
2-1 A.T.R.O.X. Against The Odds
Bass – Massimo MarchiniDrum Machine, Synthesizer, Vocals – Pierluigi Androni*Guitar – Alberto AndreoniVocals, Toy Piano – Francesco PaladinoWritten-By, Producer – Alberto Andreoni, Francesco Paladino, Marino Benvisi, Pier Luigi Andeoni*
2-2 Doris Norton Norton Apple Software
Programmed By – Doris NortonWritten-By – Antonius Rex, Doris Norton
2-3 Kirlian Camera Edges (Original Version)
Bass – Paolo MarchesiLead Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Electronics [Machines] – Angelo BergaminiProducer – Charlie Mallozzi*, Kirlian CameraSynthesizer, Keyboards [Keyboard] – Paul SearsWritten-By – Angelo Bergamini
2-4 Spirocheta Pergoli Romero's Living Dead
Drums – Fabio BeltrameElectronics, Tape [Tapes], Percussion – Massimo GiaconGuitar – Alberto MineoProducer – Massimo Giacon, Piermario Ciani, Vittore BaroniWritten-By – Massimo Giacon
2-5 La Bambola Del Dr Caligari Deep Skanner
Engineer – Aurelium SpittyKeyboards, Effects – J.R. EwingOther [Saved From The Vaults By] – Fré De VosRemastered By – Roberto NapoliSynthesizer, Drum Machine [Drum Machines], Effects – Aurelium SpittyVoice – Judy AsquithWritten-By – Aurelium Spitty, J.R. Ewing, Judy Asquith
2-6 Pâle* The Livid Triptych
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Whip*Drums, Backing Vocals – Lady Adrenalina*Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Blue NiagaraProducer – Oderso RubiniVoice – Alex*Written-By – Alessandro Fornari, Francesca Martino
2-7 Rats Please
Bass Guitar – Francesco MontiDrums – Graziano LeonelliGuitar – Wilko*Producer – Oderso Rubini, Red RonnieVoice – Claudia LloydWritten-By – Claudia Lloyd, Wilko Zanni
2-8 Plath I Am Strange Now
Band [Plath] – Fabrizio Lucarini, Silvia InnocentiWritten-By, Producer – Fabrizio Lucarini
2-9 Tasaday Crisalide
Bass, Bass [Amputed], Percussion – Marco CamoraliComposed By – Alessandro Ripamonti, Alessandro Ronchi, Carlo Ronchi, Marco Camorali, Stefano SangalliElectric Bass – Carlo RonchiGuitar – Alessandro Ripamonti, Alessandro RonchiMixed By – Alessandro Ripamonti, Carlo RonchiProducer – Associazione Culturale THX 1138Synthesizer, Vocals – Stefano SangalliWritten-By – Stefano Sangalli
2-10 La Maison Critical Situation
Bass, Guitar, Electronics, Vocals – Livio FogliElectronics, Vocals – Luigi MussiFlute, Vocals – Kirin FluteWritten-By – Livio Fogli, Luigi Mussi
2-11 Suicide Dada Waiting For September
Bass – Giuliano PellegrinelliDrums – Marcello TamiettiKeyboards – Paolo DelfinoRecorded By – Mauro TavellaVocals, Piano – MadaskiWritten-By – Franco Caudullo
2-12 The Tapes Nervous Breakdown
Synthesizer [Synthesizers], Drum Programming, Tape [Tape Manipulation] – Giancarlo Drago, Roberto DragoWritten-By, Recorded By, Producer – Giancarlo Drago
2-13 M.B.* Auschwitz
Written-By, Synthesizer [Synthesizers], Noises [Noise], Effects – Maurizio Bianchi

Società, ecc.



1-1 taken from the cassette 'La Dimensione Umana' (EEC 002) released in 1982 on Electric Eye Records, limited to 300 copies. Published by La Dimensione Umana. ℗ 1982 Electric Eye. Licensed courtesy of Tasaday
1-2 taken from the 7["] single 'Informations Of Death' b/w 'D.I.N.A. (Live At Punto)' (MASO UL 002). Released in 1980, limited to 500 copies. Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1980 Materiali Sonori. Licensed courtesy of Materiali Sonori SC
1-3 taken from the 12["] EP 'Dressed To Kill' (EXIT M 502). Published by Expanded Music Srl. ℗ & © 1982 Expanded Music Srl. Licensed courtesy of Expanded Music Srl
1-4 taken from demo cassette. Publishing: Copyright Control. Recorded, Mixed & Produced at TKS, Torino, 1982. ℗ 1982 Carmody. Licensed courtesy of Andrea Lesmo & Alberto Ramella
1-5 taken from the compilation LP 'Xtra' [titled 'Traxtra' in the booklet] (TRAX 0982) released September 1982. Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1982 Trax. Licensed courtesy of Daniele Ciullini
1-6 taken from 'iV3SCR' (EXIT 906). Publishing: Copyright Control. Recorded at Harpo's Studio, 1981. ℗ 1981 Italian Records. Licensed courtesy of Oderso Rubini
1-7 taken from the 12["] single 'Maritime Tatami / A Game Of Despair' b/w 'A Game Of Despair' (EES004). Published by Electric Eye Records. ℗ 1983 Electric Eye Records. Licensed courtesy of Antonio "Eze" Cuscinà
1-8 taken from the LP 'Into The Future (NN 8312). Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1983 Materiali Sonori. Licensed courtesy of Materiali Sonori SC
1-9 is a previously unreleased alternate version of 'Niccolai' [not mentioned in the booket], originally released on 'Twist And Decease' (LXSS A). Published by Laxative Souls. Features a recording of telephone call at 12.08pm, May 9th 1978 by Red Brigades confirming the execution of Aldo Moro and the concealment of his corpse. Recorded and Mixed at ANPU Studio, 1982. ℗ 1982 Multiple Configuration. Licensed courtesy of Roberto Marinelli
1-10 taken from the C30 cassette 'L'Enorme Tragedia' (ADN 16). Publishing: Copyright Control. Recorded on 4-track reel tape in 1984. Mixed in March 1985. Re-mastered for Zoff82's L'Enorme Tragedia 2013 re-print edition. ℗ 1985 ADN. Licensed courtesy of Big Box srl
1-11 taken from the LP 'Baciamibartali And Winter Light' (SQLP 101). ℗ 1982 Sequence Records / ℗ 2009 Oltrelanebbiailmare Amplexus. Licensed courtesy of Amplexus SNC di S. Gentile & C
1-12 taken from the LP 'GMM' (MASO 33032). Publishing: Copyright Control. Recorded and Mixed in June 1985 at Studio M Calenzano, Florence. ℗ 1985 Materiali Sonori. Licensed courtesy of Materiali Sonori SC
1-13 taken from the cassette 'Out Of Standard!! - Italia 1' (ADN CC 3). Published by ADN Records. ℗ 1986 ADN. Licensed courtesy of Giorgio Cantoni
2-1 taken from the LP 'The Night's Remains' (T.F.L.P. 001). Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1982 Trinciato Forte Records / ℗ 2011 Spittle Records / Oltrelanebbiailmare Amplexus. Licensed courtesy of Amplexus SNC di S. Gentile & C
2-2 taken from the LP 'Personal Computer' (DAI 30413). Published by Warner Chappell Music. Recorded at Mike Lee Studios, New York and Titania Studios, Rome. Special Effects: Norton Project, Boss, Amdek. Master Recorder: Tandberg TD-20 A. Tape: Maxell XLI 35-180 B. Sound Reinforcement: P.A. System FBT. Programmed 18-8-83 / 12-1-84. ℗ & © 1984 Music Research sas. Licensed courtesy of Music Research sas
2-3 taken from the LP 'It Doesn't Matter, Now' (KC900). Published by Expanded Music Srl. Recorded between November 1982 & March 1983. ℗ & © 1983 Expanded Music Srl. Licensed courtesy of Expanded Music Srl
2-4 taken from the cassette 'Horrorbox' (TRAX 0282), limited to 100 numbered copies. Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1982 Trax. Licensed courtesy of Massimo Giacon
2-5 taken from the 'Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday' split LP with Vazz (FN004). Recorded live at Strawberry Studios, Bologna, 1986. Remastered July 2004. ℗ & © 2012 Forced Nostalgia. Licensed courtesy of Forced Nostalgia
2-6 taken from the LP 'Blue Agents' (EXIT 909) [EXIT 009 in the booklet]. Published by Expanded Music Srl. ℗ & © 1982 Expanded Music Srl. Licensed courtesy of Expanded Music Srl
2-7 taken from the LP 'C'Est Disco' (NICE 005). ℗ 1981 Nice Label. Licensed courtesy of Oderso Rubini
2-8 taken from the 7["] single 'Plath' [titled 'I Am Strange Now' b/w 'Proletarian Submission 2 (The Howl)', 'Telik 12345' in the booklet]. Published by Fabrizio Lucarini. ℗ 1982 Plath Records. Licensed courtesy of Fabrizio Lucarini
2-9 taken from the compilation 'The Negative Communication Age' (THX 1138). Published by Associazione culturale THX 1138. ℗ 1990 Amen - THX 1138. Licensed courtesy of Wallace Records
2-10 taken from the self-released cassette. Published by Edizioni Ishtar snc. ℗ La Maison. Licensed courtesy of Di Bonaventura Federico (REtroACTive products)
2-11 taken from the LP 'VM Cinque' (PVM 06). Recorded at TKS studio, Torino, 1984. Licensed courtesy of Francesco Caudullo
2-12 taken from the self-released cassette 'Emotional Warfare' (Y015). ℗ 1986 The Tapes. Licensed courtesy of Giancarlo Drago
2-13 taken from the LP 'Symphony For A Genocide' (SR 02). Publishing: Copyright Control. ℗ 1981 Sterile Records. Licensed courtesy of Maurizio Bianchi

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℗ 2013 Strut
© 2013 Strut
Strut is part of the !K7 label group
Made in Germany

Released in six panel digipak. Includes 36 pp. booklet featuring extensive sleeve notes and original photos alongside artwork from fanzines, cassettes and LP covers.

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  • Barcode (Text): 7 30003 31102 4
  • Barcode (String): 730003311024
  • Mastering SID Code (CD1): IFPI L558
  • Mastering SID Code (CD2): IFPI L552
  • Mould SID Code (CD1): IFPI 94V5
  • Mould SID Code (CD2): IFPI 942Q
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): Sony DADC [Four Manufacturing Services logo] FOURMANUFACTURING.COM A0102137976-0102 18 A00
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): Sony DADC [Four Manufacturing Services logo] FOURMANUFACTURING.COM A0102137976-0202 12 A00
  • Label Code: LC 07306


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26 agosto 2015
a nice overview of some key players in the Italian underground Experimental/.Electronic home recording scene of the 1980's.
The reason why alot of the material may sound like the same artist is during this time period many of this genre used similar equipment that came out during this time drum machines, effects pedals analogue ,synths, echos ects.... sign of the times type thing. it was similar in many others countries too within the genre. some of the more well known on here are still working today : M.B. ,Die Form (I think?),... not for all tastes for sure . I like this stuff though


19 giugno 2015
This is the proverbial "weird album." Not only is the music of poor quality even for electronic experimental it also sounds like it has been done by one 'creative outfit' performing (if you can call it that) under a whole bunch of different names pretending to be many different bands when they are just one band or maybe even just one person with a multitrack. Some of this stuff is like listening to examples of stuff you do before you get it right-beats that don't fit together serving as a back beat just plain sounds bad. Some of the material suggests there is the potentiality for better work but this is not realized on the album-in my opinion. Some fans of alternative music might think the CD is "cool' but I don't think it is. It has more in common with a plate of spilled food on a linoleum floor that anything "artsy" or "alternative." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose. A lot of people thought that 'The Velvet Underground' had a rough and unpolished sound to them. The VU were a lot better than this.


17 ottobre 2014
Cancer's "Naonian Style" on this release is not the original version; it has been remixed with a ton of additional reverb.