Various ‎– OU. Cinquième saison. Number 33

Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation, Limited Edition

Elenco tracce

A1 Bernard Heidsieck Quel Âge Avez-Vous? 2:18
A2 François Dufrêne Dédié À H. Chopin 3:40
B1 Gil J Wolman* La Mémoire 3:12
B2 Henri Chopin Le Ventre De Bertini 3:30

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Magazine - Record OU. Cinquième saison. Magazine of Evolutionary Poetry. No. 33
Magazine with vinyl record (located under the flap of the cover). No sleeve.
Dimesions: 19´5 x 19 x 0´5 cms.
Paperback. Glossy cardboard. 300 grms. Offset. 2 inks
36 numbered pages. Offset. Black ink .Paper 120 grms. 19 x 19 cms.

- Cover: Bernard Aubertin. "Disque feu tournant. Livre feu triumphant".
- Preface: Pierre Albert-Birot "The Great Vie / the great life"
- Jean-Claude Moineau "Manifeste Significations"
- Henri Chopin "Open Letter to the Aphonic Musicians / Lettre ouverte aux musiciens aphones", (in French and English) which is the first balance of studies on the phenomenon of Sound Poetry
- François Dufrene: "Renseignemets et avis"
- Brion Gysin, Bernard Heidsieck, Gil J Wolman.
There is also a general description of the various discs recorded in the previous issues of "OU"

Handnumbered edition of 1000 copies:
- 1 copies marked "A" with the originals
- 10 copies numbered 1 to 10 with 1 'dessous d'affiche by F. Dufrêne, a collage by B. Heidsieck, 1 concrete poem by H. Chopin and 1 'scotch' by Gil J. Wolman
- 10 copies marked "B" to "K"
- 10 copies marked "H.C." [hors commerce]
- 969 copies on Offset Chromo Satiné 125 g numbered 32 to 1000

Number 33 is the last number of the OU magazine published in France. (the next issue would be launched from London as H. Chopin moved there).

Ou was a magazine founded by Henri Chopin and supported by Bernard Heidsieck specializing in concrete and sound poetry.
Henri Chopin was a French avant-garde musician, concrete-visual and sound poet, critic and editor of the OU Magazine, one of the most influential musical publications of the 21st century. Published for the first time in 1958, the magazine Cinquième Saison became 'Revue OU' in 1964 and ran until 1974. Under the direction of Chopin, OU ("Magazine-object-sound-visual and manageable all at once") published original works of figures of the movements Dada, Surrealista, Lyricist, Fluxus and Beat Poetry, as well as works of innovators in concrete poetry. Those who contributed articles, original works of art, engravings and sound pieces for OU were Francois Dufrene, Bertini, Raymond Hains, William Burroughs, Bryon Gysin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Raoul Haussmann, Bob Cobbing and many others, as well as Chopin himself . This 'magazine' contained heterogeneous material: works on diverse papers, original works and silkscreens in various sizes, poems-facts-with-machine-of-writing, poems and collages, brochures and small objects, playful design crafts and discs of vinyl in various formats (up to 27 x 27 cms). This publication combines conceptual literature, sound, concrete and visual poetry, from an artistic and poetic sense, to expand the borders of abstraction towards a liberated asemantic art with strong connections with its materiality.