Various ‎– Infamous: Original Soundtrack From The Video Game


Elenco tracce

Amon Tobin Rabble Rouser 3:15
Amon Tobin Stamton Bridge 4:16
Amon Tobin & Jim Dooley* Meet The Reapers 4:04
Jim Dooley* The First Sons 2:04
Amon Tobin & Jim Dooley* Alden Strikes 3:12
Jim Dooley* & Mel Wesson The Escape 3:02
Jim Dooley* Dinner With Sasha 2:31
Amon Tobin The Courier 4:17
JD Mayer* Secrets Revealed 2:37
Jim Dooley* Rampage 2:11
JD Mayer* Tent City 2:46
Amon Tobin Hunt For The Ray Sphere 2:55
Jim Dooley* End Of The Road 3:31
Amon Tobin Anything For Trish 4:16
Amon Tobin Stranded 4:03
JD Mayer* Mysterious Signals 3:00
James Dooley (2) & Mel Wesson The Truth 2:50
Amon Tobin & Jim Dooley* Genesis 4:11
Jim Dooley* Pleasant Empire 2:08
Working For A Nuclear Free City Silent Melody 3:59