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Organismi Geneticamente Modificati
Rock, alternative, new wave, indie, post punk

In the late 90's the crises that involved independent music in Italy leads to the end of most independent bands, whose popularity was just beginning to overcome national boundaries.
In this period of disorientation was born OGM (genetically modified organisms): not simply a band, but a super-band which came together the best musicians of that scene dying with the desire not surrender. Antonio Campanella, former bassist and founding member of the Hiroshima Mon Amour, Pino Nolli, former drummer of Def Killer Band and Evidence, and Emidio "Diddio" Nardi, former guitarist of Vietato Vietare, with Michele Marcangelo (vocal) and Erik Di Serafino (guitar), began playing together in 2000 with no particular stylistic references, rather merge into a unique sound and original as the different experiences: new wave, hard rock, punk, noise, Italian songwriting. They themselves talk about their music coining a new term: " modified rock”.
Rare live appearances in the early years, years spent in the testing room (or rehearsal room?) to heal so manic drafting of the pieces. It was only in 2005 that OGM really go out into the open with a demo cd and a series of live concerts.
In January 2007 Emidio Nardi leaves the band, but the OGM decides to go ahead. The result of this decision is the studio recording of the first two official songs, then inserted into the CD compilation "Danze Moderne vol. 1 ", produced by the music label with the same name. By the grafting of a new guitarist, Pierluca D'Annunzio, a new round of concerts to consolidate the new-found harmony among the musicians.
It will be Danze Moderne to convince OGM to come into the studio to record the long-awaited first album, entitled " Emotivamente instabile ", published in April 2010.


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