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American hip hop band formed in New York in 1981 as a hardcore punk combo. After the success of their first hip hop track, "Cooky Puss" in 1983, they turned into a rap group that sometimes include punk rock tracks in their albums. From 1992 to 2001, they ran the Grand Royal label. The band officially stopped in June 2014, following the death of Adam Yauch in 2012.

Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz): vocals, guitar (1982-2014)
MCA (Adam Yauch): vocals, bass (1981-2012)
Mike D (Michael Diamond): vocals, drums (1981-2014)
John Berry (5): guitar (1981-1982)
Kate Schellenbach: drums (1981-1984)

+ touring members:
Rick Rubin (as DJ Double R): disc jockey (1984-1985)
Doctor Dré (Andre A. Brown) – disc jockey (1986)
DJ Hurricane (2) (Wendell Fite) – disc jockey (1986–1997)
Eric Bobo (Eric Correa) – percussion (1992–1996)
Money Mark (Mark Ramos-Nishita) – keyboards, vocals (1992–2014)
AWOL (Amery Smith) – drums (1994–1995)
Alfredo Ortiz – drums, percussion (1996–2014)
Mix Master Mike (Mike Schwartz) – disc jockey, turntablist and backing vocals (1998–2014) , , Wikipedia , Facebook , , YouTube
Members:Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch, John Berry (5), Kate Schellenbach, Michael Diamond (3), Mike Schwartz, Wendell Fite
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