DJ Aphreme

Vero nome:
Martin Mamzer
Aphreme is a music producer, composer, dj, songwriter (Soulful House pioneer in Poland), born in Katowice - southern Poland, where he lives and raised. He has been producing music since 1998. This was when he first stepped up to the music devices. At that time he recorded his first works on cassette tapes. He started collecting vinyl records, it encouraged him to learn to deejaying art step by step on his own. He has been employed in a shop, which was specialized in selling most types of dj equipment and there he developed his skills, he has garnered beatmatching knowledge on SL-1210 turntables and slowly acquired his own experience. His first exposures to entertaining audiences were in reputable local house music clubs where he evolved playing various combinations of house. He demonstrates diversity in music, as always he taking inspirations from musical mosaicism. The first fascination that remains to this day is classic House. He often listens to Soul, Funk, R&B, different styles of Jazz, Hip Hop and so-called heavier types of electronic music genres. He is not a trained musician, to his skills he came through trial and error. His grandfather was a professional violinist and was one of the major inspirations for him to take action regarding musical fascinations, as well he is heavily influenced by Chicago House and Detroit scene veterans and by the people he meets on a daily basis. His style is mainly classified as Soulful House and Deep House genres but he finds himself in other styles, which are reflection of his wide range taste and interests. In the process of creating music he uses Yamaha synthesizer for main chords, Cubase software for MIDI sequencing and classical Roland TR beat machines with legendary sampler Akai MPC 2000XL for drum programming and sequencing. He releases music mostly on independent labels, pressed on vinyls or released in digital form, he worked with labels such as Unified Records Chicago, Seasons Limited, Soundmen On Wax, Minuendo Recordings, DNH Records, Cabana Recordings, Stylistic Recordings, Cyberjamz Records, New Generation Records, Kolour Recordings, Windimoto Music, Wonderwax (DJ Spinna's label), Next Dimension Music, Smooth Agent Records, Octave Moods Records (his own label) or Broken Records, (label belonging to Jesse Saunders). His tracks have appeared on TOP 10 charts by reputable artists such as DJ Spinna, CJ Mackintosh, Lisa Millet, Yoshi Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive), Anthony Nicholson, Nick Holder, Groove Assassin, Jamie Thinnes, Titonton Duvante, Ernie, Sammy Rock, Wil Milton, Alex Agore, DJ Garphie, Bah Samba or Brazilian Soul Crew. Aphreme remixed many projects for producers, dj's and vocalists such as John Crockett, Carolyn Victorian, DJ Pap, Bevan Godden, Megamen, Nastee Nev, Inaya Day, Alton Miller, Monodeluxe, Diviniti, Solartoff, He has also produced remix of Eddie Amador's "House Music Culture" for exclusive, limited edition vinyl release on Next Dimension Music, deep house label from New York. He collaborated with recognized vocalists, producers and writers such as Lenny Hamilton, Cei Bei, MJ White, Joey Kay, Sire, Donna Hidalgo & DJ Oji, Donald Sheffey, J.S.O.U.L (with whom he appeared on Traxsource TOP 10 bestsellers with the song "Take Your Heart" in 2010), Thabz Soulstar, DJ SGZ, Ras Vadah, Yotam Avni, Black Mamba, Darian Crouse, Samantha Faison, Jake Harrell from well known US R&B vocal quintet Brutha, Khalilah Shakir, Joel Kibble (Take 6) and many many more.


OM 00006 DJ Aphreme - Come A Lil Closer album art Aphreme* feat. Donald Sheffey Aphreme* feat. Donald Sheffey - Come A Lil Closer(9xFile, WAV) Octave Moods OM 00006 Poland 2010
SLLP-03 DJ Aphreme - Rewind To The Beginning album art DJ Aphreme Rewind To The Beginning(11xFile, WAV) Seasons Limited SLLP-03 US 2011
LIB108 DJ Aphreme - Conformity Ain't The Way  album art DJ Aphreme Conformity Ain't The Way (11xFile, MP3, WAV) Liberate Recordings LIB108 US 2015
SAR1087 DJ Aphreme - Life album art DJ Aphreme Featuring Samantha Faison DJ Aphreme Featuring Samantha Faison - Life(7xFile, MP3, WAV) Smooth Agent Records SAR1087 US 2015
NDM71 DJ Aphreme - The Paths album art DJ Aphreme The Paths(11xFile, WAV) Next Dimension Music NDM71 US 2016
OMOODSAA 23 DJ Aphreme - Sleazy Spacez EP album art DJ Aphreme Sleazy Spacez EP(7xFile, WAV) Octave Moods OMOODSAA 23 UK 2018

Singles & EPs

NDM 1263 DJ Aphreme - Special Way EP album art DJ Aphreme Special Way EP(2xFile, WAV, EP) Next Dimension Music NDM 1263 US 2006
OM 00002 DJ Aphreme - Beautiful Things EP album art Aphreme* Beautiful Things EP(2xFile, WAV, EP) Octave Moods OM 00002 US 2009
OM 0009 DJ Aphreme - Underground Society EP album art Aphreme* Underground Society EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Octave Moods OM 0009 Poland 2010
SL-62, SEASONS LIMITED.62 DJ Aphreme - Take Your Heart album art Aphreme* & J.S.O.U.L.* Aphreme* & J.S.O.U.L.* - Take Your Heart(12") Seasons Limited, Seasons Limited SL-62, SEASONS LIMITED.62 US 2010 Vendi questa versione
DJ Aphreme - High Riser album art Aphreme* High Riser (EP) Stylistic Recordings US 2011 Vendi questa versione
DJ Aphreme - What Do I Do album art Aphreme* & Tigrano Featuring Cei Bei* Aphreme* & Tigrano Featuring Cei Bei* - What Do I Do (Single) Seasons Limited, Seasons Limited US 2011 Vendi questa versione
ACID001OM DJ Aphreme - Twisting EP album art DJ Aphreme Twisting EP(2xFile, WAV, EP) Octave Moods ACID001OM US 2012
WMM-008-0713 DJ Aphreme - Moja Ekspresja  album art DJ Aphreme Moja Ekspresja (3xFile, AAC, MP3, WAV, EP) Windimoto Music WMM-008-0713 US 2013
DJ Aphreme - Beneath The Windy Trees EP album art Aphreme* Beneath The Windy Trees EP (EP) Minuendo Recordings Spain 2015 Vendi questa versione


NDM 1085 DJ Aphreme - Unify album art DJ Aphreme Unify(2xFile, MP3, 320) Next Dimension Music NDM 1085 US 2007
DJ Aphreme - Go! (Feel My Love) album art DJ Aphreme Feat. Lenny Hamilton DJ Aphreme Feat. Lenny Hamilton - Go! (Feel My Love) Next Dimension Music US 2008
CMRP001 DJ Aphreme - Your Eyes album art DJ Aphreme Pres. Rainy Payne DJ Aphreme Pres. Rainy Payne - Your Eyes(5xFile, WAV) Consortium Muzik CMRP001 US 2008
CMAD001 DJ Aphreme - Your Love album art DJ Aphreme Feat. Donna Hidalgo DJ Aphreme Feat. Donna Hidalgo - Your Love(3xFile, MP3, 320) Consortium Muzik CMAD001 US 2008
UR0090 DJ Aphreme - Go (The Deep For Ur Soul Mix) album art DJ Aphreme Go (The Deep For Ur Soul Mix)(File, WAV) Unified Records UR0090 US 2008
FJM001 DJ Aphreme - Seven Whole Days album art DJ Aphreme Feat. MJ White DJ Aphreme Feat. MJ White - Seven Whole Days(6xFile, MP3, 320) Feljai Music FJM001 US 2008
STR 00001 DJ Aphreme - Tell Me album art Sire & Aphreme* Sire & Aphreme* - Tell Me(2xFile, WAV) SoulTrack Recordings STR 00001 US 2009
UR0099 DJ Aphreme - Faith album art DJ Aphreme Faith(File, WAV) Unified Records UR0099 US 2009
UR0090A DJ Aphreme - GO (Vick Lavender Mix) album art DJ Aphreme GO (Vick Lavender Mix)(File, WAV) Unified Records UR0090A US 2009
SOW 509 DJ Aphreme - Soul Muzeek album art DJ Aphreme & Donald Sheffey DJ Aphreme & Donald Sheffey - Soul Muzeek(3xFile, WAV) SOUNDMEN On WAX SOW 509 US 2009