DJ Filix

Real Name:Filippo Sgarlata

Filippo Sgarlata, aka DJ FILIX:
Top Dj in South-Italy over 15 Years!
He is one of the reference points for Young Sicilians!
He has worked with all the best DJs in the World!
His productions are Internationally appreciated!
His Dj Set catapult people in the Air!
In the console you immediately notice his great technique and his many years of experience!

He currently works and has worked as a Guest in all the best clubs in Sicily and in many clubs in Italy.
Abroad he has played at the SPACE and at the Zoo Project in IBIZA. In the best clubs in Malta and Gozo
(Gianpula, Numero Uno, Axis, La Grotta, Ku, Clique). In Germany at Silq Club, at Cafe Del Sol, at the
Noh Club in Dusseldorf, at the Penn&Diaz in Frankfurt and with the House Of Love group in North-Westphalia-Rhineland.
In Bratislava at Tanker Boat Disco and in Bucarest!

As a producer he has printed over 100 records, including the house remix of
"Generation Of Love" by Boy George; Klezmer's Remix of Pizeta & Reagadelica;
the house remix of the "Vecchio Frack" by the historic Italian singer Domenico Modugno.
In 2016 the project was born together with his friend Allen with the name
“Allen & Filix" and starting to produce on the best European labels:
Toolroom Records, Viva Music, Snatch Records, This And That Records, My Favourite Freaks,
Flashmoob Records, Witty Tunes, Huambo Records, Digital Traffik, Houseworx, Labium,
producing House and Tech-House songs also entering with many tracks in the European Top Ten!
With the track "Panciuss" is on "Ibiza Compilation 2019 by Toolroom".

Reviewed by prestigious magazines:
"Dj Mag" Spain, "Weekender" Italy, "EQ Tv" and "I House U" England and many others.. , , , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , Beatport , , Soundcloud , Mixcloud , , X ,
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