Björk rainydays02

8 febbraio 2019
amazing talented woman, doesn't have a bad album at all

Björk apedap

14 maggio 2019
I don't know about that, Utopia was pretty forgettable... .

Björk maxal

5 febbraio 2019
Is there something odd about how the world perceives Bjork? Her ability and body of work from beautiful songs with mass appeal, across punk, dance, experiments of all sorts which still reach high musical standards and many songs with a new classical purity: she does everything and like no other artist. I'm not sure what it is and I don't really want to ignorantly accuse possibilities of insufficient marketing or sexism . . . but she deserves more wide-spread credit for her constant, inspiring work in varying the potential within music and sound art.

She is recognised seriously by artists and instiutions, many citing her as the 'best in . . . ' and she has won the prizes. She has world-wide recognition in one sense. Yet for all her talent, she's not got the iconic status which many other female or male musicians have.

Maybe some artists are too creative and not fully understood for their complexity. Bowie suffered from this - his range of abilities was simply too great for many to embrace in full. Many Bowie fans bicker about a particular era being the 'definitive Bowie period', when really pretty much all of Bowie's work is great, and the lesser-credited items can be the more ground-breaking. Perhaps we witness the same with Bjork.

Björk thebossofepic

11 marzo 2019
well put
she is probably my favorite artist of all time

Björk bzoo

12 aprile 2018
I have a version of 3 cd's in a box of the single "Possibly Maybe", but i can't find it here.

Björk denizen

18 aprile 2018
Take a look at Björk - Possibly Maybe: "Released in a slipcase with room to hold also Part 2 and Part 3.
The three CDs were released individually but in some shops outside the UK they could be found as one set. "

Björk planetbjork

14 aprile 2018
I have the same 3 CD card sleeve too. On the individual CD single profile pages for Possibly Maybe on Discogs it says the below:
"Released in a slipcase with room to hold also Part 2 and Part 3.
The three CDs were released individually but in some shops outside the UK they could be found as one set"

Björk maxal

30 ottobre 2016
. . . what's with the recent explosion of remixes? (As well as various versions of albums.) How do you navigate through them all?

Lost in Bjork.

Björk jzaljdsv

9 agosto 2016
Absolutely love Björk. She is a true artist. I do think, for Post, she should've released Enjoy as a single instead of I Miss You, but that is just my opinion.

Björk moloko59

14 dicembre 2018
I agree with you... Even if I love the video of I Miss You, I'd have been great to see a video of Enjoy too.... And actually, every song of Post deserved to be released as single and have his own video :)

Björk ovixm

17 maggio 2016
So complicated XP
Bjork issued so many kinds on records on every single album

Björk newgreyarea

25 luglio 2015
The colored vinyl reissues are crap! The vinyl is so thin! They sound ok, but I'm afraid they'll warp at room temperature . . or from the friction of being on a turntable. Hah!

Björk markpotato

17 ottobre 2016
I have the Vespertine and Medulla color reissues, they both sound amazing. Vespertine sounds better than the original. "due the material is colored, they cant cut deeper grooves into it" -That's just plain stupid.

Björk rush4you

4 aprile 2016
I guess, its still a technological issue..due the material is colored, they cant cut deeper grooves into it.
It takes less dynamics, colored lps are wasting of time...

Björk deep_honey

27 dicembre 2015
Agreed, Debut / Post / Homogenic sound just like they feel - thin and cheap. Vespertine packaging and sound quality is much better, and from what I've heard Medulla and Volta are great (though I didn't bother beyond her best four).

Björk Mutombe

3 febbraio 2014
she's real, no faking

Björk kuma.chan

8 gennaio 2010
Bjork has reinvented the single. Each one comes as a fantastically wasteful package with a whole bunch of inner sleeves and oversized box, fancy bullshit graphics, £30 price tag for a double 12" with a tacked on cd single with the same tracks and a single track video. Don't think about coming out with some politically correct greentalk bullshit after these Bjork, each copy snips another millimetre off the ozone layer! What happened to the plain sleeve and the £10 price tag? Who wants to fight with lorryloads of glossy cardboard to get a record out and play it?

Björk ayusyz

18 settembre 2018
As a fan I have to admit your saying, but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate what MeCompany and m/m paris have done for her catalogue throughout her whole career, way back in time when Life's Too Good was released.

Björk Hammerkop163

3 aprile 2015
1 mm off the ozone layer? What a conveniently precise quantity. Absolute drivel!

Björk sp4zzj4zz

26 dicembre 2012
Because in the age of the digital download; packaging is everything. Maybe you and these other posters didn't realize this, but packaging has always been an art form in and of itself. Elaborate packaging is like having pieces of art to look at and to hold, and to show off, and to frame, or - to throw away...or better yet, NOT buy if it bothers you all so much.

And waste? Seriously? Oh jesus, go ahead with that bullshit.

Björk planetbjork

18 settembre 2012
Even though I am a Björk fanatic I have to agree with you on this. I didn’t understand the Volta 12” singles at all. I ended up buying the releases ‘Earth Intruders’ ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Declare Independence’ only to find most of the remixes released on the Voltaïc live/remix album a year later. I therefore ended up getting rid of said singles down the music and goods exchange shop. But now I’m tempted by all the remixes for Biophilia which are coming out (some are quite interesting) on 12” with one track each side. But should I wait until they are compiled on a remix project next year. I adore Björk’s music for its complexity and simplicity yet at the same time why can’t that translate with a simple product and complex artwork? I fail to understand why a genuinely clever artist such as Björk would chose to use such elaborate, unnecessary product to sell to her fans?

Björk Guill

5 agosto 2011
Fanatics of Björk would definitely do it, believe me Kuma.Chan.

Björk Said_Head

9 marzo 2011
I totally agree; some packaging is pretty cool, and people come up with neat ideas (Bjork, or whoever manages her products, is no exception) but come on! I know the release you're talking about, I couldn't believe the price tag. And not only that, she's done worse: there is a box set of 'singles' of the Verspertine album where all 12 tracks are given their own printed cardboard sleeves nuzzled in a box. Fucking ridiculous. Not only is she wasteful, she's taking her fans to be complete fools who'll buy anything with her name and face on it, even if they have 3 of the same thing (in terms of marketing, she's like Spongebob).

Björk as reviewed by Crijevo

27 maggio 2004
modificato about 1 year ago
I remember the first time hearing Bjork and her Sugarcube-mate Einar Örn screaming and shouting to the point where you couldn't tell one from the other - and it irritated the hell out of me but didn't stop me from falling in love with their music...

Then Sugarcubes disbanded and Björk went on and 'Human Behaviour' provided with a nice start of a solo career - athough many omit the fact she already released an obscure standards album when 12, somewhere in 1977 (which in all its innocence proves she already had a vision)... Despite a huge time gap in terms of her solo work ever since "Björk" making that one somewhat forgotten and (deliberately) lost in time, 'Debut' was a proper debut indeed, continuing on from Björk's experimental collaboration work of the time (Gling-Gló, 808 State, Current 93) and without the necessity to place her in any of the explored musical drawers - she sings and paints with emotion on equal terms.

At the same time she can be beautiful, haunting, mesmerising, disturbing and yes - annoying. Continually wild and temperamental while sensitive and fragile all the same. The closest a human being ever got to mother nature.