Formed - 1988 in New York.

Noise rock trio of Chris Spencer (The Cutthroats 9), Vincent Signorelli (Swans) and Dave Curran (The Cutthroats 9 & The J.J. Paradise Players Club). The original lineup consisted of Spencer, Pete Shore and drummer Charlie Ondras, who passed away from a drug overdose in 1992.

The video for the song "Scrape" (from their 1995 album Scattered, Smothered & Covered) received a lot of airplay on MTV and became their biggest hit to date.

In early August 2019, Chris Spencer announced the band is permanently ceasing activity.

Note - in order to avoid confusion with the heavy metal band of the same name, they often use the suffix "NYC".
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CIRCUIT 006 Unsane - Improvised Munitions artwork dell'album Unsane Improvised Munitions(LP, TP) Circuit Records (2) CIRCUIT 006 US 1989 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Unsane artwork dell'album Unsane Unsane (Album) Matador Germany 1991 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Total Destruction artwork dell'album Unsane Total Destruction (Album) Matador, Atlantic Germany 1993 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered & Covered artwork dell'album Unsane Scattered, Smothered & Covered (Album) Amphetamine Reptile Records US 1995 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Attack In Japan artwork dell'album Unsane Attack In Japan (Album) Bloody Butterfly Japan 1996 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Amrep Christmas artwork dell'album Unsane Amrep Christmas (Album) Man's Ruin Records US 1997 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Occupational Hazard artwork dell'album Unsane Occupational Hazard (Album) Relapse Records Sweden 1997 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Blood Run artwork dell'album Unsane Blood Run (Album) Relapse Records US 2005 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Visqueen artwork dell'album Unsane Visqueen (Album) Ipecac Recordings Japan 2007 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Wreck artwork dell'album Unsane Wreck (Album) Alternative Tentacles US 2012 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Sterilize artwork dell'album Unsane Sterilize (Album) Southern Lord US 2017 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

Unsane - This Town / Urge To Kill artwork dell'album Unsane N.Y.C.* This Town / Urge To Kill Treehouse Records (2) US 1989 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Vandal-X b/w Streetsweeper artwork dell'album Unsane Vandal-X b/w Streetsweeper (Single) Sub Pop US 1990 Vendi questa versione
GR 0090 Unsane - Concrete Bed / El Mundo artwork dell'album Unsane Concrete Bed / El Mundo(7", Single) Glitterhouse Records GR 0090 Germany 1990 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Jungle Music  artwork dell'album Unsane Jungle Music PCP Productions US 1991 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Breathththing Out / Streetsweeper artwork dell'album Unsane / Slug (6) Unsane / Slug (6) - Breathththing Out / Streetsweeper PCP Entertainment US 1992 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - The Peel Sessions artwork dell'album Unsane The Peel Sessions (EP, Comp) Strange Fruit UK 1993 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Body Bomb artwork dell'album Unsane Body Bomb (Single) Matador, Atlantic US 1993 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Live! artwork dell'album Unsane / Copass Grinderz Unsane / Copass Grinderz - Live! ZK Records Japan 1995 Vendi questa versione
MR-024 Unsane - Sick artwork dell'album Unsane Sick(7", Single, Pin) Man's Ruin Records MR-024 US 1996 Vendi questa versione
Hole 016 Unsane - No Soul / Weekend Warrior artwork dell'album Unsane / Feedtime Unsane / Feedtime - No Soul / Weekend Warrior(7", Single) Black Hole Records Hole 016 Australia 1996 Vendi questa versione
PAN 019 Unsane - Erase Yer Head # 5 artwork dell'album Unsane / Hint (3) Unsane / Hint (3) - Erase Yer Head # 5(7") Pandemonium Records (2) PAN 019 France 1997 Vendi questa versione
none Unsane - Committed / Over Me artwork dell'album Unsane Committed / Over Me(7", Single) Galaxia none US 1998 Vendi questa versione
DC996 Unsane - This Plan Australian Tour Single artwork dell'album Unsane This Plan Australian Tour Single(7", Ltd) D.C Records DC996 US 2001 Vendi questa versione
Unsane - Amphetamine Reptile Records Cage Match artwork dell'album Unsane / Melvins Unsane / Melvins - Amphetamine Reptile Records Cage Match Amphetamine Reptile Records US 2012 Vendi questa versione

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25 aprile 2020
The squalid urban freight train that Unsane was and always will be shall be remembered as nothing less than magisterial. Unsane made daunting, painful, but unlike many other noise merchants, entirely listenable music, whilst their instantly recognizable trademark cacophony paralleled with their horror show cover art. Having been intrigued by them since their thunderous, screeching debut 'This Town' , They are the perfect soundtrack to these wonderful times we live in.


30 dicembre 2019
For 30 years Unsane played heavier and nastier than many other bands. From their first single to their final album it was screaming vocals, distorted guitars, grinding bass lines, and heavy drums. Consistency was the key to their success in my opinion. You can pick up any record and immediately understand what they were about, whether you liked it or not is another story. Its sad to see they're no longer together but it was a damn good run. RIP to such a great band.


9 marzo 2016
Oh yeah, Scattered, Smothered & Covered is getting a vinyl reissue.


31 marzo 2006
modificato over 14 years ago
Along with Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth (although on an entirely different musical plane), NYC favorite sons Unsane are one of those bands that seems to epitomize what the city is about. By now, many people are familiar with their trademarks - raw and noisy rock music with heavily distorted vocals courtesy of Chris Spencer and bloody record covers, featuring nearly everything from the man lying on the subway tracks with his head cut off to a girl in the bathub on their latest "Blood Run". They went on a hiatus in the mid 90s and suffered the death of a drummer Charlie Ondras in 1992. But as of now, all of those black clouds seem to be gone and they're back to form. Long may they reigh.

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