Please read the entire profile before deciding whether a credit to Traditional is appropriate.

Use the Traditional credit only for composition type credits. (RSG §2.3.1.)

For 'Folk', 'Folklore', or variations/translations, please use Folk and an ANV.

Traditional is not a real composer; it is a credit given for any piece of music where the songwriter is not known and the music has been handed down - usually by rote (word of mouth / copying the music by ear). It is a common credit in music such as blues, folk, jazz, world, and rock (to a lesser extent).

Common abbreviations for this credit are 'Trad' and 'Trad.' or any language variation thereof.

NOTE: If the writer credit is NOT a variation or translation of 'Traditional', please check for an existing artist name, or use the following format as a credit: Written-By [ReleaseCredit] - Traditional

Example: If the release has 'Christmas Carol' as the credit, please first check to make sure it does not exist as an artist name, and then credit it as: Written-By [Christmas Carol] - Traditional

For releases using 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and variations, please put the information in the notes as per discussion at:
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( trad ), (trad.), ***, 10th century, 13. Jhdt., 14th Century, 14th-cent. German, 15th-century French, 16c. French Tune, 16th c. Spanish, 16th C. Spanish Madrigal, 16th Cent French, 16th Century Catalan version, 16th Century English, 16th Century English Melody, 16th Century French, 16th century Swedish melody, 17ème Anglais, 18th century, 18th Century Melody, 19th Century Ukranian Carol, 1ος Χανιώτικος συρτός, παραδοσιακό, 2. Hälfte Des 17. Jahrhunderts, 2ος Λουσακιανός συρτός, παραδοσιακό, 30ndate aastate lööklaul, 4. Mosebok 6:24-26, 5ème Figure - Trad., A Song From Khorasan Province, A Traditional Waltz From Finnskogen, A. D. Jugendbewegung, Abesti Tradizionala, Aborígenes Australianos, Aboriginal Traditional, Acadie, Adana Türküsü, adaptare muzică tradițională turcească, Adaptation, Adapted From A Native Song, Advent Hymn - Originating 6th Century], Afghanistan Traditional, Afr Folkmel., Afr. Trad., Afr. Traditional, African, African American Spiritual, African Folk Song, African Griot Song, African Spiritual, African Trad., African Traditional, African Traditional Melody, African Traditional Poetry, African Tune, African-American Spiritual, African-American Traditional, African-American Work Song, Africká Lidová, Afrička Narodna, Africký Tradicionál, Afrikaansch Volkslied, Afro National, Afrocuban - Trad., After D.T.S. Bjerregaard, After Trad. Scottish, Agnus Dei Braunschweig 1528, Ägypten, Ahmad Al Indibat, Air De Danse Populaire, Air Irlandais, Air Popolaire De Timimoun, Air Populaire, Air Populaire Hongrois, Air Populaire Kabyle, Air Populaire Polonais, Air Populaire Russe, Air Populaire Tzigane, Air Retrouvé Par La Soyotte, Air Traditional, Air Traditionnel, Air Traditionnel Basque, Aire Típico, Al-Ansar, Åländsk Folkvisa, Alaw Gymreig, Albania (Lake Prespa Region, traditional), Albanian Folk Song, Albanian Folklore, Albanian Trad., Albanian Traditional, Albanian Traditional From Macedonia, Albanian Traditional Song, Albansk Ungdomssång, Albanska Narodna, Aleppo, Syria Tradition, Algonquian Indian, Alku-Kanteletar, All Rights Reserved, All Traditionals, Allemande Efter Johan Herman Schein (1586-1630), Alpen Folksong, Alpenländische Volksweisen, Alpenländisches Adventlied, Alpenländisches Trad., Alpenländisches Volkslie, Alpine Trad, Alsatian, Alt, Alt Norwegisch, 9. Jhdt., Altay Comic Song, Altbairische Volksweise, altböhm. Volksweise, Altböhmisches Weihnachtslied, Altböhmisches Weihnachtslied Aus Dem Jahre 1870, Altburgenländischer Marsch, Altdeutscher Liebesreim, Altdeutsches Liebeslied, alte englische Hymne, Alte Melodie, Alte Melodien Gälischen, Keltischen Und Bretonischen Ursprungs, Alte Schottische Ballade, Alte Schottische Weise, alte Volksmelodie, Alte Volkstanz, Alte Volksweise, Alte Weise, Altenglisch, Alter Brauch, Alter Kärntner Wildgesang, Alter Naturjodel, Alter Schweizer Sterndrehermarsch, Alter Singener Fasnets-Spruch, Alter Volkstanz, Altes Böhmisches Weihnachtslied, Altes Englisches Lied, Altes Geistl. Lied, Altes Kärntnerlied, Altes Kindergebet, Altes Kirchenlied, Altes Russ. Soldatenlied, Altes russisches Volkslied zur Weihnachtszeit, Altes Schneeberger Bergmannslied, Altes Seemannslied, Altes Soldatenlied, Altes Studentenlied, altes Volkslied, Altes Wallfahrerlied, Altes Weihnachtslied, Altes Weihnachtslied um 1600, Ältestes deutsches Weihnachtslied, 11. Jahrhundert, Altfrentsch-Sammlung Gonten, Altiplano Boliviano, Altiplano De Chile, Altirische Volksweise, Altruss. Volkslied, Alt