Pino Daniele

Real Name:Giuseppe Daniele

Italian blues, jazz, and pop musician, singer, songwriter and composer.
Born in Naples, Italy, March 3, 1955, died January 5, 2015 of a heart attack in his house located in the countryside of Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy.

He began his career playing with a band named Batracomiomachia. In 1976, he then started playing as a bassist in Napoli Centrale where he met James Senese who would become a central figure in the production of his first three albums. In the same year Claudio Poggi, EMI Italiana's producer, listened to a demo tape with Daniele's original songs and decided to produce his music. Within six months his first single was released titled Ca Calore (both songs were included on his first album, Terra Mia which was released in 1977). This was the beginning of an extraordinary career: several albums, world-tours, cinema soundtracks (in particular, movies made by his close friend Massimo Troisi), television performances and countless collaborations. Pino Daniele is one of the most famous Italian musicians in the world. , , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Discogs
In Groups:Napoli Centrale, Pino Daniele Project
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