Britney Spears as reviewed by balhoudongotto.rocjo

27 febbraio 2019
Britney Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman.

Britney Spears onetimefortheboys

19 dicembre 2018
Say what you want, but the production crew writing the music she was credited with were better than most of the other pop artists' crews at the time combined. Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and the rest of Cheiron knew how to make amazing dancepop songs. After her hiatus, Danja and L. Gottwald knew how to make amazing club songs. The only bad album was In The Zone... cause the writers on it were a bunch of nobodies save for Bloodshy & Avant who contributed the album's only three good songs (including the alltime classic Toxic).

Haters stay pressed. You can't write pop this good so stay in your lane. If you don't like pop what are you doing on this page anyway

Britney Spears heartrox

19 gennaio 2017
I have loved Britney since the first time I heard her wonderful ear candy.. from the first "Oh baby baby" .. simple pop.. manufacturered....sure... I don't expect brilliance and artistic statements from my pop dance artists.. I really don't even care if the vocals are enhanced.. I listen to classic rock, folk, singer /songwriter for depth...
When I want to dance and have fun. Don't care if it's a pop tart or legend. As long as my feet and heart feel the beat.. that's what makes songs great.. Britney used to have a great voice... like before the 07 meltdown.. alot was enhanced but there were also ballads that were not .. why hate it's not like she's going out for the Nobel prize.. it's all about fun and for the last 19/ 20 years Britney has had lots of it so have I dancing my ass off to her synthesized , sticky sweet pop pieces.

Britney Spears TRANSWAVES

11 settembre 2018
I love to turn off the radio when I hear her on it!

Britney Spears Erwan17590

21 gennaio 2017
Oh yeah for sure, 1998/2003's Britney was the best but she makes some good songs nowadays !! But yeah, I knew each and every song from her first albums as my sister was a very big fan of her. I remember listening Britney with her in her room as it was yesterday

Britney Spears johnred

10 febbraio 2016
someone please do one of those random bootleg pressings of literally any of her albums thnx

Britney Spears heartrox

19 gennaio 2017
I would love even if just a hits package came to vinyl... but I really want Britney and In The Zone on wax... she's so fun.. I imagine she will eventually release her stuff on wax as more vinyl presses are opening across the globe.

Britney Spears GrooveScratch

22 aprile 2016
I would literally die for her albums to be pressed in vinyl

Britney Spears VCTRPSCL

13 marzo 2016
I second this. Bring them all into this world, please.

Britney Spears TRANSWAVES

7 agosto 2015
I don´t like the music even though a lot of her hits have been written by a bunch of swedes.
Well maybe I would respect her more if she had written a song or at least the lyrics?
She has gotten credit for something she hasn´t made just contributed with her voice.
Even MADONNA at least lyrics to her songs but here not?

Britney Spears TRANSWAVES

11 settembre 2018
Well it is not wrong but very boring! I could do better!

Britney Spears euromania

7 luglio 2018
She co-wrote several tracks on her third album, most of In The Zone, and the last two albums. Anyway what's the problem with singers having songs written for them? Then can bring great artistry with imagery, stage performance, and may other ways. Many of the greatest actors don't write their own scripts, and they are still respected for that they bring to the scripts written by other people. Why can't singers be the same?

Britney Spears VCTRPSCL

17 novembre 2016
modificato over 2 years ago
List of songs on Glory that Britney is penned on:
1. Invitation
2. Make Me
3. Private Show
4. Just Like Me
5. What You Need
6. Better
7. Coupure Électrique

Britney Spears VCTRPSCL

24 agosto 2015
modificato over 4 years ago
A list of songs penned by Britney Spears:
1. Dear Diary
2. Lonely
3. Anticipating
4. Cinderella
5. Let Me Be
6. That's Where You Take Me
7. Me Against The Music
8. Showdown
9. Early Morning
10. Touch Of My Hand
11. The Hook Up
12. Shadow
13. Brave New Girl
14. Everytime
15. (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun
16. Someday I Will Understand
17. Mona Lisa
18. And Then We Kiss
19. Freakshow
20. Ooh Ooh Baby
21. Mmm Papi
22. Mannequin
23. My Baby
And all ten tracks on the standard edition of Britney Jean

Britney Spears alexjcoimbra

2 luglio 2015
I love how all these people who hate Britney came here to write paragraphs about her!! ”Living legend, you can look but don't touch!"

Britney Spears TRANSWAVES

11 settembre 2018
Well it is true. Maybe she´s not as good singer as people think? Thank God for studio tricks then?

Britney Spears TRANSWAVES

11 settembre 2018
I love all those people who get impressed by artists we have heard a thousand times before. Yes I agree she is a living legend in creating terrible music!

Britney Spears cmorlock272

2 maggio 2017
Britney has always lip synced. shes an entertainer. she dances.

Britney Spears media_and_more

25 ottobre 2015
She living legend? Please.
I enjoy her music but don't find her legend.
Legend wouldn't use lip sync on almost every show and that's what Britney does lately.

Britney Spears Jc.7.11

27 dicembre 2013
GO ON BRIT'. You're so courageous, nobody else could support a such pressure as you did, in all the music history.
So nice, so fine, so fragile but very strong and brave inside. Amazing!
The most respectable female star artist in the world.
If you don't like Britney Spears, beat it of this page, frustrated people, you couldn't have done better than her (especially men).


Britney Spears depecheboy

22 ottobre 2013
guys, please. it's obvious we're talking about a puppet, which has a great management and team production. but again we're talking about whom the only thing she did by her head was shaving here hair. she's an awful performer (come on, anyone can dance better now) and has no voice, its all autotune and effects. on the other hand we gotta face that her hits work, thanx to dr luke and all the other crap-creators. they do crap but they know how to do it!

Britney Spears Gmauch

26 gennaio 2013
I don't care who give me shit. I loved Britney in 1999, and I love her now. She's a performer, not an artist. You've got to judge her as such.

Britney Spears Spinecrawler

18 febbraio 2013
Than she has no right being label a singer or musician and should not be making artistic records/cds,if she is a performer,than do contemporay dance or erotic dance and leave the music making for artists and people who create music

sorry but people who are porn stars,actors,dancers,circus performers DO NOT TRY TO PASS THEMSELVES OFF AS MUSICAL TALENT