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Real Name:Rino Costante

DJ Double S is an Italian DJ and selecter. Born and raised in Turin (Northern ITALY) on February 14, 1978. It’s about 17 years he has an active role for the Italian Hip Hop scene.
He was member of Italian famous Next Level Crew founded by The NextOne and started his most important appearences supporting a lot of the greatest Italian Hip Hop artists (Neffa, Otierre, La Pina, DJ Gruff, La Famiglia etc.).
His extremely personal approach to turntables made DJ Double S able as club DJ, good selecter and mixer, but also as a turntablist, a more technical evolutioner of the turntables used like an instrument.
After all that, he was the main DJ for a lot of famous Italian Clubs and Jams supporting real and famous Italian Hip Hop heads: for this reason he imposed himself in Italian Hip Hop scene.
During 90’s, he become member of the most quoted Italian Hip Hop DJ’s team, Alien Army, founded by DJ Skizo and DJ Gruff: it’s thanks to this experience that DJ Double S has a lot of experiences in entertainment and shows. He appears is the great part of the most important and famous Italian Hip Hop records and mixtapes.
Nowadays, some of these mixtapes is considered a classic for the italian circuit: in those days, “Lo Capisci L’italiano?!” sold 1000 copies, astronomical numbers for the Italian Underground Hip Hop in 90’s… so DJ Double S decided to produce vol.2 and vol.3 thanks to a lot of people who requested this tapes.
Today DJ Double S discovered a passion for the classic DJ figure, he’s specialized in black music even if he doesn’t forget his role as instrumental selecter for freestyle battles: he expresses a modern and direct style and selection, he’s technical but not boring.
He perfectly knows the Hip Hop roots so he propose his personal Hip Hop selection for Old School and 90’s Hip Hop classics lovers, burning the dancefloor and the atmosphere. DJ Double S is the DJ resident for Tecniche Perfette (the most important Italian freestyle battle created by Mastafive), he supports Ensi (One Mic), and he founded Once Were Warriorz with Mr. Phil, a collective of DJ’s in which also Bassi Maestro and DJ Shocca take part.

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Aliases:DJ Mais, Rino (37)
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