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Andrea Benedetti
DJ, musician, producer, label owner, radio presenter, promoter and journalist, Andrea Benedetti is one of the more significant figures in the Italian electronic music scene, and was instrumental behind the so called techno "Sound Of Rome".

In 1983 he started out as a DJ, spinning electro and electrofunk, and then falling in love with the techno sound coming from Detroit.

Over the years, as well as running his own projects, he also provided help to Lory D in creating Sounds Never Seen, the first Italian experimental techno label, contributing to the first releases. In 1993 he founded Plasmek.

As a musician, he's been releasing his works since 1991 using different aliases.

In 1993 he created Tunnel, the first Italian techno music fanzine, and in 1994 he co-founded Remix Distribution (with Marco Passarani, and Final Frontier (again with Marco Passarani).

Andrea Benedetti has been also collaborated with many radio stations (the most significant of which has been Frequency, a weekly Friday night broadcasting on Radio Città Futura, with Marco Passarani and the guys from MAT101/JollyMusic) and magazines such as Under One Sky (NY), EAR (Strasburg), Freestyler (Zurich), Orbeat (Naples), etc.

Andrea Benedetti is also a close collaborator, since its first edition in 1995, of the Distorsonie festival in Bologna.

He is a regular guest in educational workshops and conferences (both as teacher and lecturer), spreading and sharing his knowledge about electronic music history, and regularly writes for SuperFly magazine. He has acted as co-director (with Alessio Arcadi) on ElectRoma, an independent music festival showcasing Roman electronic scene.
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