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Vero nome:
Imaan Raheem
Dj and dance music producer Actor and Author based in Germany and Spain.

Imaani Brown is an German/Iranian music producer, actor, dj, author. Imaani Brown is his artist name. He got this name from the famous hip hop founder and dj Afrika Bambaataa when he was booked as a break dancer for the tommy boy tour in germany.
Imaani Brown started with producing in 2008. His first single was Dis Poem. A rework of Mutabarukas famous poem. The track got famous when the US dj Dennis Ferrer played it as his opener on his Dj sets. Imaanis Rework of Mutabaruka's "Dis Poem" was praised by many famous DJs as one of the best remixes ever made of this poem!
After that rework and Imaani Browns album: Deep Touch Imaani Brown became a name in the South African Elektronik deep house scene.
After a couple of albums and remixes Imaani Brown took a Break from the music scene and concentrated on his Book with the title: "Hello Deutschland" which was released february 2018 in Germany. Imaani Brown was also working as an writer for german tv shows.
Imaani brown is an religious Zoroastrian.