Radial (2)

Radial is a techno project from The Netherlands. Formed in 2006 as a duo of Jeroen Liebregts and Laurens van der Starre. Laurens van der Starre left in 2009, and since that time Radial became a solo project of Jeroen Liebregts.

Jeroen has been dj'ing since around '98 and picked up music production soon after. Since 2002 Jeroen teamed up with Bas Mooy and started the label Audio Assault as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire. About a year later sublabel Arms was born. Today, 11 years later, the main label is still running strong with over 40 vinyl releases and counting. Radial started out as a collaboration with Laurens van der Starre, but since 2009 it is Liebregts' solo project.

Always driven to dive deeper Jeroen started a 4-year studies of Sonology at the Conservatory in The Hague, which he finished in 2006. This study deals with electronic music composition, computer programming, analog synthesis and electronic instrument design among other things. This is probably what kickstarted his interest to use self designed instruments in his music. The constant quest for new technological approaches is an imported factor that helped shape his sound. His current tendency toward analog hardware based methods also resulted in his involvement in the design and development of the Synton Fenix modular synthesizer.

Over the years the music of Jeroen Liebregts has found it's way to many places using different aliases. There have been releases of original tracks and remixes on labels such as Token, Perc-Trax, Mote-Evolver, Numb, Drumcode, Planet Rhythm, Dole-Gate and most recently Mord.


PRR UK 001 LP Radial (2) - Deleted Scenes artwork dell'album Radial (2) Deleted Scenes (Album) Planet Rhythm Records PRR UK 001 LP UK 2008 Vendi questa versione
RDL001R Radial (2) - Crux artwork dell'album Radial (2) Crux (Album) Radial Records (2), Radial Records (2), Radial Records (2), Radial Records (2) RDL001R Netherlands 2014 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

Token 4 Radial (2) - Premium artwork dell'album Radial (2) Premium Token Token 4 Belgium 2007 Vendi questa versione
AAR 026 Radial (2) - Hair Of The Dog EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Hair Of The Dog EP (EP) Audio Assault AAR 026 Netherlands 2007 Vendi questa versione
NUMB 10 Radial (2) - Beton EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Beton EP(12", EP) Numb NUMB 10 Slovakia 2007 Vendi questa versione
PRRUK063 Radial (2) - Firm To Farm EP Part 1 artwork dell'album Radial (2) & Bas Mooy Radial (2) & Bas Mooy - Firm To Farm EP Part 1 (EP) Planet Rhythm Records PRRUK063 UK 2007 Vendi questa versione
PRRUK065 Radial (2) - Firm To Farm EP Part 2 artwork dell'album Radial (2) Firm To Farm EP Part 2 (EP) Planet Rhythm Records PRRUK065 UK 2008 Vendi questa versione
DG-04 Radial (2) - Cooperation EP artwork dell'album Boss* & Radial (2) Boss* & Radial (2) - Cooperation EP (EP) Dole-Gate DG-04 Slovakia 2009 Vendi questa versione
AAR042 Radial (2) - Caveman EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Caveman EP (EP) Audio Assault AAR042 Netherlands 2013 Vendi questa versione
MORD001 Radial (2) - Linea Recta EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Linea Recta EP (EP) Mord MORD001 Netherlands 2013 Vendi questa versione
RDL001X Radial (2) - Crux Remixes artwork dell'album Radial (2) Crux Remixes Radial Records (2) RDL001X Netherlands 2014 Vendi questa versione
MORD015 Radial (2) - Inverso Mundi EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Inverso Mundi EP (EP) Mord MORD015 Netherlands 2015 Vendi questa versione
SH-03, SH03 Radial (2) - Untitled artwork dell'album Radial (2) / Patrik Skoog / Chain (15) Radial (2) / Patrik Skoog / Chain (15) - Untitled(12") Sample + Hold, Sample + Hold SH-03, SH03 Sweden 2015 Vendi questa versione
MORD033 Radial (2) - Bona Fide EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Bona Fide EP (EP) Mord MORD033 Netherlands 2016 Vendi questa versione
0002 Radial (2) - Espacio artwork dell'album Radial (2) / MTD (2) Radial (2) / MTD (2) - Espacio Methodical 0002 Italy 2017 Vendi questa versione
MORD056 Radial (2) - Tympana artwork dell'album Radial (2) Tympana (EP) Mord MORD056 Netherlands 2018 Vendi questa versione
RRR 020 Radial (2) - Dialogue EP artwork dell'album Radial (2) Dialogue EP(12", EP) Raw Raw Records RRR 020 Ukraine 2020 Vendi questa versione

DJ Mixes

SSSP056 Radial (2) - SSS Podcast #056 artwork dell'album Radial (2) SSS Podcast #056(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) SeekSickSound SSSP056 Netherlands 2013
MEP030 Radial (2) - Modular Expansion Podcast #030 artwork dell'album Radial (2) Modular Expansion Podcast #030(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed, 320) Modular Expansion Podcast MEP030 Greece 2014
EP96 Radial (2) - Erratic Podcast 96 artwork dell'album Radial (2) Erratic Podcast 96(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) TheErraticPodcast EP96 US 2015
MEP087 Radial (2) - Modular Expansion Podcast #087 artwork dell'album Radial (2) Modular Expansion Podcast #087(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed, 320) Modular Expansion Podcast MEP087 Greece 2018


NRDRSERIES033 Radial (2) - Series 33 artwork dell'album Radial (2) / Joton Radial (2) / Joton - Series 33(2xFile, MP3, 320) New Rhythmic NRDRSERIES033 Spain 2011