Nu-Metal (Modern Rock) band from Bakersfield, California (USA).

Korn [stylized as "KoЯn"] is a Grammy Award winning Metal band from Bakersfield, California, and are often credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre.
The band formed after the group L.A.P.D. (4) folded. L.A.P.D. constisted of Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, and David Silveria and singer Richard Morill.
Morill left because of drug addictions and the remaining 3 members along with Brian Welch, who was a close friend of the band began searching for a new singer. They found that singer in 1993 when seeing the frontman of the band “Sex Art”, Jonathan Davis, perform. Davis joined the band and the band was renamed Creep and shortly after “Korn”.

In 1993 they released their first demo “Neidermeyer's Mind” with producer Ross Robinson, who would eventually also produce the first 2 albums. The song “[Blind]” had become a trademark in the Korn performances. The song (which was released on their first demo and first album) was originally written by Dennis Shinn with Sex Art, but was re-produced by Korn. Whereas Korn kept the original music and vocals / lyrics as written by Shinn. Korn's reproduction acted as a final polish of the song. "[Daddy]" was also a song from Sex Art, titled "Follow Me". Korn had remade that song, by replacing the music entirely, but keeping the vocal melodies & original lyrics. The lyrics were also written by Dennis Shinn, but Jonathan Davis added in a new chorus once the song was revised by Korn.

Musically, Korn tracks mix both heavy metal and hip-hop. Korn toured incessantly to promote their first album. With no radio play or MTV, they relied solely on their intensive live shows which created a large cult following of dedicated fans.

Three of the band members are often credited by their nicknames. "Head" (Welch), "Fieldy" (Arvizu) and "Munky" (Shaffer).

Korn had a constant formation for 12 years until 2005, when guitarist Welch left Korn after his decision to rededicate his life to Jesus Christ and his daughter. In 2006 drummer Silveria would follow, stating he stept out of the band to further pursue his entrepreneurial ventures and to be with his family. Korn went on as a 3-piece and had a back-up band for touring until 2009. In 2009 drummer Ray Luzier became the first new member of Korn since it’s formation in 1993, after being in the back-up band for a while. In may 2013 Welch rejoined Korn.

In 2011 Korn released an experimental album “The Path Of Totality” mixing metal with dubstep. This album has won them the “Revolver Golden Gods Awards” award for best album of the year.

Jonathan Davis (1993-present)
James Shaffer (1993-present)
Reginald Arvizu (1993-present)
David Silveria (1993-2006)
Brian Welch (1993-2005, 2012-present)
Ray Luzier (2009-present)

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Korn - Korn album art Korn Korn Not On Label (Korn Self-released) US 1993 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Korn album art Korn Korn (Album) Immortal Records (3), Epic, Epic Records Group UK 1994 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Life Is Peachy album art Korn Life Is Peachy (Album) Immortal Records (3), Epic, Epic Records Group US 1996 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Follow The Leader album art Korn Follow The Leader (Album) Immortal Records (3), Epic, Epic Records Group Canada 1998 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Issues album art Korn Issues (Album, EP) Epic, Immortal Records (3) Bulgaria 1999 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Untouchables album art Korn Untouchables (Album) Epic Asia 2002 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror album art Korn Take A Look In The Mirror (Album) Epic, Immortal Records (3) Austria 2003 Vendi questa versione
none Korn - Audio EPK album art Korn Audio EPK(CDr) Epic none US 2003 Vendi questa versione
03-51 Korn - The MTV Radio Network Presents: album art Korn The MTV Radio Network Presents:(CDr, Transcription) Westwood One 03-51 US 2003 Vendi questa versione
Korn - See You On The Other Side album art Korn See You On The Other Side (Album) Virgin Japan 2005 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued album art Korn Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued (Album, EP) Virgin US 2006 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Untitled album art Korn Untitled (Album) Virgin US 2007 Vendi questa versione
Korn - MTV Unplugged album art Korn MTV Unplugged (Album) Virgin Argentina 2007 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Korn III: Remember Who You Are album art Korn Korn III: Remember Who You Are (Album) Roadrunner Records Germany 2010 Vendi questa versione
Korn - The Path Of Totality album art Korn The Path Of Totality (Album) Roadrunner Records UK 2011 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Live At The Hollywood Palladium album art Korn Live At The Hollywood Palladium AFM Records Australia 2012 Vendi questa versione
Korn - The Paradigm Shift album art Korn The Paradigm Shift (Album) Prospect Park Europe 2013 Vendi questa versione
Korn - The Serenity Of Suffering album art Korn The Serenity Of Suffering (Album) Roadrunner Records Europe 2016 Vendi questa versione
Korn - The Nothing album art Korn The Nothing (Album) Elektra, Roadrunner Records Canada 2019 Vendi questa versione
0016861739638 Korn The Nothing(CD, Album) Elektra, Roadrunner Records 0016861739638 Brazil 2019 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

Korn - Clown album art Korn Clown (Single) Epic, Immortal Records (3) US 1994 Vendi questa versione
EAS 6643 Korn - Christmas Song album art Korn Christmas Song(12", Promo, Red) Epic EAS 6643 US 1994 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Blind album art Korn Blind (Single) Epic, Immortal Records (3) UK 1995 Vendi questa versione
ESK 06981 Korn - Need To album art Korn Need To(CD, Single, Promo) Epic (2) ESK 06981 US 1995 Vendi questa versione
Korn - Shoots And Ladders album art Korn Shoots And Ladders (EP) Epic, Immortal Records (3) UK 1994 Vendi questa versione

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22 agosto 2019
So, how do the more recent vinyl reissues sound? Worth picking up?


31 luglio 2019
apparently the next song that will be release from the new album ''the nothing'' is a song called ''cold''


4 luglio 2019
the new album ''the nothing'' will be quite interesting to listen, cannot wait for it.


1 luglio 2019
modificato 3 months ago
so many people in here pissing and moaning that korn no longer sound like they did from Korn (1994) - Issues (1999), they have experimented and tried something new and fresh every time since. Korn - The Nothing (2019) which sounds like it is going to be even more amazing then Korn - The Serenity Of Suffering (2016), Nu Metal was there sound from 1994-1999 if you have not moved on from this then you never were a true Korn fan... did they do a couple of mediocre albums of coarse no band can ever say they release masterpieces everytime. Either listen to the great new music or go back to your Celine Dion records and quit giving Metal a bad name.


25 gennaio 2016
modificato over 3 years ago
KoЯn is quite an fascinating act. I was never a big fan, but I could not decline that they have got some very fancy works.
Even they got a lot of tinsel and glitter bad boy image, they are still uncompromising in their own way. The first releases are milestones in modern crossover music. Even now they are coming up with sound experiments.
Despite their commercial success their releases are never that catchy, one would assume. In my opinion the better kind of "Metallica".


20 ottobre 2012
modificato over 6 years ago
I've waited a long time to see if some info would show up on an album i came across on the net..
The Path Of Totality (Instrumental version)
I found it as a high quality Flac cd rip. I have searched many times in different ways and i can't find any info at all where this release came from. So does anyone out there have any idea what the deal is what that ?
Oh and obviously its the same album as "The Path Of Totality"
except there is no vocals on any of the tracks.


6 febbraio 2012
Who was it that decided to brand these guys "Nu-Metal" ?
I wonder how the band feels about being labelled like that
Every time i hear that it makes me cringe.
These guys were making music long before that so called genre/style came along
Nu-Metal ? Sure maybe a ton of other bans that came along after Korn 5/10 years after they did lol


29 novembre 2011
You are missing korn's 2011 studio album.

The Path To Totality (2011)


28 maggio 2010
modificato over 9 years ago
It's about time for another one of my extremely controversial reviews. I'm just going to dive right into this one.

When I was young, Korn was one of my favorite bands. I won't even deny that. My very first album, I got it before I was 10, was Korn's self titled album. My dad bought it for me for my birthday. He had no clue what type of music it was, nor did I, he didn't even know what Parental Advisory meant at that time. Needless to say, I was the only one of the kids my age listening to music like Korn. While everyone else was going around listening to the Backstreet Boys or N-Sync (n-stink), I was listening to Nu-metal.

I have a natural deep respect for Korn's early work. The self titled album crept out of the Bakersfield area with a dull roar, and it didn't really raise too many eyebrows. I'm no professional reviewer, but if you do go and read up the pro reviews of that album, you won't find anything too good about it. It was a bit different than the music of that time period, for example, I believe Anthrax and Slaughter had just released a new album that the year Korn's first album came out. That being said, when you would listen to this album, especially after hearing the stereotypical music of the age, you were a bit taken aback. Some people loved it, and some people hated it. (Just like with all music) Myself, I really enjoyed that first album. It had an intensity, or a feel to it like no other release that I had. (Then again, you give a 10 year old a cd like that, what would you expect?) Even to this day, I still enjoy listening to that album. Songs like Blind and Faget have become so well known to me over the years, and I really do enjoy listening to them occasionally.

So after the self titled album, you get Life Is Peachy. This album was a shocker to many people out there, especially parents. A.D.I.D.A.S. was one of the most blatant, right out there songs, about sex, and I personally loved it. (Still do actually, pretty funny track in my opinion) You had a brand new band with the balls to offend millions of people with a song that doens't even last for 4 minutes. Now, this album as a whole did not and does not catch my eye. Only a few tracks still stick out from this album. (Tracks like Wicked, mainly because it's so damn weird, and Twist because it's just weird too)

I must admit, it feels weird sticking up for a band that got so damn popular, especially when I spend most of my time writing reviews for bands, popular bands, that I hate with a deep passion. I'm not going to go and review every single album from these guys either, so don't worry avid readers, this is about to end.

Over the years, Korn has went down hill. The more recent albums, like the new self titled album, just suck. Actually, if I were rating them, I would give them about a 2/10. (Not the band as a whole, but the new albums) I can understand that Head wanted to leave. Hey, he has a kid and did not like the idea of his child being brought up next to a band like Korn. (Then again, if your 3 year old child comes up to you and says "What the fuck", I'd be a bit taken aback too) Head spent many years with Korn, and if he wanted to leave, it was 100% his choice. Family before music. However, Korn went into a slump. I don't blame band members leaving for this, but rather I blame their inability to conform the right way. I hate bands that decide to go with the flow, bands that try to adjust their music to a new generation of fans. Not only did Korn try to do that, they failed horribly at doing it. Now, I respect this band far too much to drop all appreciation for them, but I refuse to buy their new material. (I just don't like it)

So, here is my little final words section, so if you have not ready shit up to this point, pay attention:

If you really want to hear music by Korn when they were in their prime, go grab any album from their self titled album, up to around Issues. (You may like Follow The Leader too, but that is up in the air with most people) If you truly love being disappointed, go grab their new works. If I were going to rate Korn on their early works, as a band I would give them a 90/100, but with the new crap they have out, I could only give them a 40/100. Yup, a 50 point drop due to about 4 crappy releases. Come on Davis, stop making retarded music videos about how you disapprove about corporate control of music labels, and then go and make the new garbage you've been coming up with. (Doubt he'd ever read this, but if he does...)


11 giugno 2009
modificato over 6 years ago
Korn started out with a sound no-one ever heard before. They got tagged "Nu-Metal" and started a trend many tried to follow. Some bands (like Coal Chamber) came close, but no band managed to get their formula together. Heavy hiphop-based basslines, low tuned guitars and a singer who poors his heart out on stage.

The Albums;

1. Korn - Dramatic, frustration, low, heavy, created the “Nu-Metal” genre.
2. Life Is Peachy – From heavy (“Chi” and “Kill You”, one of my favourite tracks) to funny (A.D.I.D.A.S. and Twist)
3, Issues – Production is better, catchier phrases but still very much frustration and great bass lines and guitar riffs (Falling Away From Me, Make Me Bad, Somebody Someone are my favourites).
4. Follow The Leader – Great tracks, Korn’s prime, some unneeded guest performances and very good promoted on MTV. Best tracks: Dead Bodies Everywhere / Got The Life.
5. Untouchables – Melodic, misses the frustrations and low groovy guitar riffs. Not my favourite.
6. Take A Look In The Mirror – Much heavier than all the previous albums. Contains the track Alive (from their demo tape) Counting On Me (my favourite) and listen to Break Some Off and Let’s Do This Now!. I think this is a very underestimated album and I really liked this one.
7. See You On The Other Side - Strange album with very weird and suprising songs. Not heavy at all, more soft rock. Counting on me is nice but nothing too special on this one.
8. Untitled – Genre: pop rock music. It could be a B-sides album. This album is simple, has some nice riffs here and there but nothing really stands out. The only tracks I like are the sensitive song “Kiss” and “I Will Protect You” for the Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa) drum solo!
9. Remember Who You Are – Same producer as the first 2 albums, that’s why the sound is much more like the first albums. My favourite is “Pop A Pill” for the lyrics, Oildale and Are You Ready To Live for the frustrations.
10. The Path Of Totality – Sounds like commercial expoiting the dubstep hype. Still Korn, but I’m just not into electronics. Allthough they did win best album for this @ revolver not my kind of music.

I allways liked the phrase Jonathan Davis once said in an interview: “If our album was commercially succesfull I would consider that a personal failure”. The first four albums and “Remember Who You Are” are Korn in it’s basic form. The other albums are very changing and they suit the phrase as Korn just doing what they want. Allthough “The Path Of Totality” sounds like they are going for the commercial succes they claimed not to want.

I’m still a big Korn fan and I’m sure we’ll be suprised by Korn once more. The live performances make up for a few lesser albums and with Head’s return I’m very anxious to hear new material.

Come on!!!!

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