Mauro Tannino

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Mauro Tannino
Italian DJ and producer born 20 December 1965 in Rome and died 12 August 2000 in Ravenna in a parachuting accident.

His passion in music was born as a child when he became fascinated by the turntable. In 1987 knows Luca Cucchetti who called him to DJing at "King's Club of Cala Galera", becoming a well-known Italian DJ. In 1989 Mauro began a new collaboration with Chicco Furlotti promoter of the first Italian rave parties, organizing big events that will remain forever in the history: "The Night of Evil" Quasar, "Planet of Colors" Arabesk ... just in one of these events knows Stefano Di Carlo, with whom they decide to make a record together, creating two independent record labels who obtained important international results.
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