MerchantCompositions & Recordings

Vero nome:
Dennis Franklyn Williams
Born - 5/19/1943
Died - 5/1/1999

MERCHANT lost his mother at age 11 and spent the majority of his teens in the Belmont orphanage where he learned to play the guitar and developed a love for music and singing. He led a troubled teenage life which took a turn for the better when he was spared jail time and placed on probation provided that he pursue music as a career.
A brilliant songwriter and composer, his works propelled many other calypso artists into the spotlight, though he remains uncredited for many of them. Among those he wrote for are Bally, Baron, Crazy, De Fosto, Mighty Trini, Designer, Drupatee, Eddy Grant, Elsworth James, Explainer, Leon Coldero and King Austin.
Despite success with hits such as "Um Ba Yo", "Pan In Danger", "Caribbean Connection" and "Rock It" MERCHANT continued to be haunted by demons from his childhood throughout his career and battled a drug habit. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1994 and died of AIDS in 1999.