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Chris Hülsbeck
Born in 1968 in Kassel, Germany. Best known as a computer/video game music composer, having written music for over 90 software titles since 1986. Co-founder of synSONIQ Records.
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ACD1 Chris Hülsbeck - Vol.1 - Shades album art Hülsbeck* Vol.1 - Shades(CD, Album) A.U.D.I.O.S. Entertainment ACD1 Germany 1991 Vendi questa versione

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13 gennaio 2019
Very great composer . Turrican soundtrack my favorite Amiga production .


3 gennaio 2005
modificato over 14 years ago
Many other artists may have been more talented than Hülsbeck in writing music for the Commodore 64's SID music chip, but few gained more fame within that scene. Hülsbeck scored themes to a great amount of (often quite successful) games, thus being heard and appreciated by many impressionable teens in the late 80's. Indeed, for me as well Hülsbeck's music was the door to electronica - my personal favorite is his music for the game Katakis (aka Denaris) on which I of course spent countless hours... It is a shame he did not go on to be equally famous on other musical platforms, for he is without doubt a talented musician!


27 gennaio 2004
This guy is probably responsible of having turned me into an electronic music fan. When I was a kid I spent entire afternoons playing the great "Turrican" videogame trilogy, which had the most beautiful soundtracks I ever listened on an Amiga game. Chris Huelsbeck is the author of that music.

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