Frantz Liszt

Vero nome:
Ferenc Liszt
Hungarian composer, conductor, teacher and virtuoso pianist of the 19th century born 22 October 1811 in Raiding (formerly Doborjan), Kingdom of Hungary (today Austria) and died 31 July 1886 in Bayreuth, Germany.

He was a renowned performer throughout Europe, noted especially for his showmanship and great skill with the piano. To this day, he is considered by some to have been the greatest pianist in history.

Father-in-law to Richard Wagner.
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BLCD 1009 Franz Liszt - من الفرات الى الدانوب = From Euphrat To Danube album art عمر بشير* = Omar Bashir جارداش(أغنية من التراث الهنغاري) = Czardas (Hungarian Folk Music) (as Frantz Liszt) عمر بشير* = Omar Bashir - من الفرات الى الدانوب = From Euphrat To Danube(CD, Album) Byblos BLCD 1009 Lebanon 1998 Vendi questa versione