Richard Galliano


Accordionist, composer, arranger, leader.

Born: December 12, 1950, Cannes, France.

In 1991, on the advice of Astor Piazzolla he met in 1983, Richard Galliano is back on his roots, returning to the traditional repertoire of waltz, java, tangos and ballads he had long ignored.
Reviving the spirit of Tony Murena and Gus Viseur, it allows the accordion to get rid of its old image by working on rhythm conception, changing harmonies, which acclimate to jazz. , Wikipedia
Members:Jean-Luc Danna
In Groups:Duo Rava & Galliano, Ensemble Pari's Tango, Richard Galliano New York Tango Trio, Godchild, L'Orchestre, Mare Nostrum (2), Paris Musette, Richard Galliano New York Trio, Richard Galliano Quartet, Richard Galliano Septet, Richard Galliano Trio, Steve Potts 4, The Boto Brazilian Quartet, Transhumance
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