Portishead ThaPrinz

23 novembre 2018
Hello, it's been 10 years, time for a new album! (please)

Portishead thexfile

31 luglio 2015
modificato over 3 years ago
Portishead ‎ "Saturnine" 2006 is missing.

Portishead dica

31 ottobre 2018
It's here: Saturnine

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Portishead tarwater3

12 febbraio 2016
Might as well make the addition , don't you agree ????????????????

Portishead as reviewed by shawn.allen

15 gennaio 2005
modificato over 14 years ago
I must say the only reason Portishead could ever sound "dated" is that they've been painstakingly imitated for the past decade, to various degrees of success. Beth Gibbons' voice epitomizes yearning and heartache. And while I can't say that Andy Smith's turntablism is astounding, or that Geoff Barrows' productions are groundbreaking by today's standards, taken as a whole the group's work is unique, and was absolutely unrivaled in its day.

Portishead afrofluent

3 maggio 2014
Geoff Barrow played turntables. Andy Smith isn't actually in the band.

Portishead as reviewed by vanity6

3 aprile 2003
As a note of interest, there was an album called "Pearl" released that claims to be from Portishead. I have that album, and the cover and liner notes are very convincing. However, the album is actually by a group called Mandalay. I have their album (my version's called Solace) and it's exactly the same thing. It does sound a bit like Portishead, but definitely isn't. A cool collector's item, though...