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Greg Perry

Vero nome:Gregory Stephen Perry

Accomplished songwriter, producer and singer.
Greg Perry is one of five brothers. His others are Dennis, Zachary, Leonard and Jeff Perry. He is married to Sandy Wynns
He was, originally, a keyboard player for Holland-Dozier-Holland's Invictus / Hot Wax Records. As a teenager, Greg began his musical career at the Chicago-based Chess Records label.
Here he worked alongside producer Billy Davis.
He turned down a publishing deal with Motown, opting instead to sign with Holland-Dozier-Holland's just-opened Invictus / Hot Wax (4). At Invictus he collaborated with General Johnson and lyricist Angelo Bond.
The trio began to collaborate on songs, many of which became huge hits.
Many of the recordings were in Detroit, at a converted movie theatre on Grand River Avenue. Several of the label's musicians and arrangers went on to have successful careers.

Greg Perry recorded two solo albums, the first being 'One For The Road' on Casablanca Records in 1975.

Two years later he released the RCA album, 'Smokin', which contained the track 'Hows Your Love Life Baby?', a track for which he possibly best remembered
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