Italian ensemble committed to an imaginative and cinematically suitable sound who aim at overtaking any limits of music genres. Indeed their name is inspired by the Stieglitz's Dadaist magazine "291" doing homage to that lawless, ironic, and creative movement that rejected the reasons and logic of pre-established rules.
291out project presents original compositions based on a fusion approach moving at free frequencies through the territories of jazz and funk, with influences deeply rooted in the tradition of Italian prog and soundtrack realms; yet they don't miss to explore many further soundscapes, including electronica, in their eclectic music production scope also expressed by side projects and collaborations with other artists.
Consistently on the lookout for unexpected suggestions, they highlight an experimental nature strongly connected to the video art: a "motion-picture" flavour coming from their professional experience as applied music composers for A/V productions.

Music released on labels: Early Sounds Recordings, Fly By Night Music, Bosconi Extra Virgin, Really Swing, Acido Records, Best Company.

Side projects: 291outer space, Bop & 291out

Members: Luca "Presence" Carini aka William Bones (Electric Bass), Antonio Bocchino (Drums & Percussion), Floriano Bocchino (Electric Piano), Nico Barozzi (Electric Piano), Tancredi Duccio d'Alò (Guitar), Vincenzo "Warren" Ciorra (Guitar), Roberto Dazzan (Trumpet), Daniele Lacava (Sax & Flute), Flyme (Electronics, Audio Engineering).

Other musicians appearing on projects and records including: Luca Affatato aka Bop Singlayer (electronics), Giovanna Lubjan (singer), Alberto de Angeli (guitar, sound engineering), Louis De Belle (trumpet & keyboards), Maurizio "Il Tedesco" (trombone), Vittorio Melon (guitar), Michele "Hitman" Mineo (guitar), Antonello Labanca (double bass), Enrico Santangelo (drums), Danilo "Rall'" De Luca (flute)...
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Singles & EPs

acido 015 291out - Soundtracks For No Film Vol. 2 artwork dell'album 291out, Healing Force Project 291out, Healing Force Project - Soundtracks For No Film Vol. 2 (EP) Acido Records acido 015 Germany 2013 Vendi questa versione
SPGG006 291out - Behind The Gates artwork dell'album 291out Behind The Gates(File, MP3, WAV, EP) Spades (2) SPGG006 Italy 2013
RSWING007 291out - Vol.7 artwork dell'album 291out Vol.7(10") Really Swing RSWING007 Italy 2014 Vendi questa versione
BoscoEXV017 291out - The Sweetest Vol.1 artwork dell'album M.A.R.S. (4), 291out, Bop Singlayer, Def Safari, The Mechanical Man, JTS1 M.A.R.S. (4), 291out, Bop Singlayer, Def Safari, The Mechanical Man, JTS1 - The Sweetest Vol.1(12", TP) Bosconi Extra Virgin BoscoEXV017 Italy 2016 Vendi questa versione
FBNM015 291out - Ritorno ad Urania artwork dell'album 291out Ritorno ad Urania(12") Fly By Night Music FBNM015 UK 2016 Vendi questa versione
EAS015 291out - L'Alba Dei Vinti artwork dell'album Bop* & 291out Bop* & 291out - L'Alba Dei Vinti Early Sounds Recordings EAS015 Italy 2017 Vendi questa versione
FBNM018 291out - Habbanera artwork dell'album 291out Habbanera(12") Fly By Night Music FBNM018 UK 2019 Vendi questa versione
TS 45 01 291out - Wellington / Digested Wellington artwork dell'album 291out Wellington / Digested Wellington(7", Single) Terrasolare TS 45 01 Italy 2020 Vendi questa versione

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3 ottobre 2013
more info about this project please... such a great song in this record ! greeting from south america!

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