Mariah Carey as reviewed by DennisAlexis

13 settembre 2020
Can anyone confirm if the MC30 digital EP reissues have been remastered? Thanks! :)

Mariah Carey sliccloskii

8 novembre 2020
Yes it has every rerelease will be in 24bit high resolution remastered

Mariah Carey edivino.jr

29 settembre 2020
Yes. You can hear the difference from the original discs.

Mariah Carey Songbirdriah

21 marzo 2020
modificato 10 months ago
Mariah Carey will always remain the best of all time for being a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Director, Actress, Entertainer, Performer. All her music are indeed timeless and the fact that she has 19 #1 Hits on BB100, 6 #1 Hits on BB200, Artist Of The Decade, Artist Of The Millennium, Two Song Of The Decades of the 90s which is One Sweet Day & 00’s - We Belong Together, Honorary Award, Billboard Icon Award, Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee Award, 5 Grammys, 350+ Awards, Longest #1 Record As A Female Artist (Previously held the record as an Artist for 20+ Years) and even had two in America, having a #1 Hit in a span of 4 Decades, First Solo Female Artist to have 4 #1 Hits in one album, First Solo Artist to have 5 Consecutive #1 Hit Singles, having two of the Best Selling Albums Of All Time (Music Box - 35-40+ Million WW, Daydream - 30+ Million WW) 3 Diamond Albums and possibly a Diamond Single soon, selling over 250+ Million Records WW & 150+ Million Records in the US, 1.6 Billion Units sold in Asia, more and more of Mariah’s achievements really proves she is a legend, the Queen Of Christmas, the Queen Of R&B, the Queen Of Songwriting, Etc... all this will be remembered forever in history. Love you forever, Mariah!

Mariah Carey Songbirdriah

11 novembre 2020
But Mariah Carey’s Debut album already is eligible for Diamond at least for a decade. Last time it was certified 9x Platinum was back in 1999 and that was it no updates whatsoever. So she already has 3 if it was updated.


9 settembre 2020
Mariah does not have 3 diamond albums. Shania Twain is the only female artist with 3 diamond records. Love her, but that just is not true, at least yet.

Mariah Carey Yolycher

9 dicembre 2019
amazing! she's one of the best voices in the world!

Mariah Carey as reviewed by cysy

2 dicembre 2013
modificato over 7 years ago
This is the first time i ever heard these remixes and ive been following Mariah since the 90's. Thanks for posting the remixes.

Mariah Carey giannisvlachos1990

14 luglio 2018
modificato over 2 years ago
Stop that, okay? I don't listen to that stuff and I don't like it at all! These repetitive and unoriginal remixes to the songs of ALL the artists (not only Mariah Carey), from ALL the musical genres, should not be on YouTube and internet, and they should not be anywhere! I'm not sure what's going on in the internet, but this thing really needs to stop!