Tim "Herb" Alexander

Real Name:Tim Alexander

Born in April 10th, 1965 in Cherry Point, North-Carolina, USA. Drummer in Primus from 1989, but left in 1995, and returned to the band in 2003. Also plays in various side-project bands, such as: Laundry (3), Attention Deficit (2), Fata Morgana (6), Tirebelly, OXYGENE 8 and Blue Man Group. Tim operates Ghost Town Studios, Jerome, AZ.

As a freelance drummer Tim has also hosted numerous drum clinics.
Earned his nickname "Herb" from the bandmembers of Primus, because he used to take herbal remedies. Tim has played Pork Pie drums, but is now endorsed by Tama. An April 26, 2006, story reported that Alexander will be the drummer in a reunited Meat Puppets line-up.

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In Groups:A Perfect Circle, Attention Deficit (2), CCA (2), ESCAPETHECULT, Fata Morgana (6), Laundry (3), Major Lingo, Meat Puppets, Primus, Sound Cipher
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