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Dori Ghezzi

Vero nome:Dori Ghezzi

Born: 30 March 1946 in Lentate sul Seveso (MI, now MB), Italy

Italian singer and former member of pop duo Wess And Dori Ghezzi, she also enjoyed a quite consistent and successful solo career, at her very beginning, in the late '60s and, later - after the duo split - in the early '80s, with such hits as "Mamadodori" (1980), "Margherita non lo sa" (1983), "Il cuore delle donne" (1989) among the others.

In 1975 she met singer and songwriter Fabrizio De André: From then on, they lived together until his death in 1999 (even if they got married just in 1989). Their only daughter Luisa Vittoria ("Luvi") was born in 1977.

Dori is the stepmother of singer Cristiano De André.

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