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Geir Jenssen
Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962), a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his "ambient techno" and "arctic ambient" styles, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His track "Novelty Waves" was used for the 1995 campaign of Levi's. His 1997 album Substrata was voted by as one of the all time classic ambient albums.


Biosphere - Microgravity album art Biosphere Microgravity (Album) Origo Sound Norway 1991 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Patashnik album art Biosphere Patashnik (Album) Origo Sound France 1994 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Polar Sequences album art Hia* | Biosphere Hia* | Biosphere - Polar Sequences (Album) Beyond, Beyond UK 1996 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Substrata album art Biosphere Substrata (Album) Origo Sound US 1997 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Insomnia album art Biosphere Insomnia (Album) Origo Sound, Origo Sound Norway 1997 Vendi questa versione
RCD 2005 Biosphere - Nordheim Transformed album art Biosphere / Deathprod Biosphere / Deathprod - Nordheim Transformed(CD, Album) Rune Grammofon RCD 2005 Norway 1998 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Cirque album art Biosphere Cirque (Album) Touch UK 2000 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Birmingham Frequencies album art HIA* & Biosphere HIA* & Biosphere - Birmingham Frequencies (Album) Headphone UK 2000 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Substrata² album art Biosphere Substrata² (Album) Touch UK 2001 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Shenzhou album art Biosphere Shenzhou (Album) Touch UK 2002 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Autour De La Lune album art Biosphere Autour De La Lune (Album) Touch UK 2004 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Dropsonde album art Biosphere Dropsonde (Album) Touch UK 2005 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Man With A Movie Camera album art Biosphere Man With A Movie Camera Touch UK 2006
Biosphere - Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol album art Biosphere Wireless - Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol (Album) Touch UK 2009 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - N-Plants album art Biosphere N-Plants (Album) Touch UK 2011 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - L'Incoronazione Di Poppea album art Biosphere L'Incoronazione Di Poppea (Album) Biophon Records Norway 2012
Biosphere - Live At Vega, Copenhagen 9.11.1996 album art Biosphere Live At Vega, Copenhagen 9.11.1996 (Album) Biophon Records Norway 2013
Biosphere - Patashnik 2 album art Biosphere Patashnik 2 (Album) Biophon Records Norway 2014
Biosphere -  Sound Installations.2000​-​2009 album art Biosphere Sound Installations.2000​-​2009 Biophon Records Norway 2015
Biosphere - Stator album art Biosphere / Deathprod Biosphere / Deathprod - Stator (Album) Touch UK 2015 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - Departed Glories album art Biosphere Departed Glories (Album) Smalltown Supersound Norway 2016 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - The Petrified Forest album art Biosphere The Petrified Forest (MiniAlbum) Biophon Records Norway 2017 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - The Hilvarenbeek Recordings album art Biosphere The Hilvarenbeek Recordings (Album) Biophon Records Norway 2018 Vendi questa versione
Biosphere - The Senja Recordings album art Biosphere The Senja Recordings (Album) Biophon Records Norway 2019 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

OMS 9105 Biosphere - The Fairy Tale album art Biosphere The Fairy Tale(12", Promo) Origo Sound OMS 9105 Norway 1991 Vendi questa versione

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11 aprile 2019
New album coming soon : The Senja Recordings! will be released in format : 2xLP / 1xCD!


22 gennaio 2018
Biosphere is totally unique. In a time when house music was new, this sounded from outer space. It was just that incredible. No human could make this.


19 novembre 2015
Absolute music pinnacle, timeless, original, unique soundscapes.

This is the music that you could easily hear in a a busy/noisy urban area thanks to it's unique style and sound frequencies.


15 maggio 2011
totally agree. Biosphere is the alpha and omega of Ambient if not the whole electrnic music. i mean that if you listened to Biosphere you reached the ultimate depth in music


28 febbraio 2007
modificato over 12 years ago
Biosphere is extremely skilled, he truly crafts his songs. His music will continue to be
sources of inspiration for people for many many years, as the songs and albums are truly unique. There's no point in listing the albums.

I have to say though, Biosphere's latest twist towards the minimal and (in my opinion) over-artsy, I feel is something of a tragedy. Here's a man who can pick samples so exquisitely, and shift between rhythm and sound textures with delightful playfulness, and who can build so heavy, unique but recognizeable atmospheres. He has now put all of that aside to create this more monotone, invariable music. Maybe in an attempt to create "higher" art.

This development reminds me of Autechre and Aphex Twin in that aspect. The former playfulness (which in my opinion is what truly creates art), is put aside to push the extremes in an attempt to be the new Picasso or something to that effect.

Ah well. You just gotta respect these excellent musicians' choices and remember their first works, as sweet as another playful release would be..


20 aprile 2006
modificato over 13 years ago
This man, in no doubt, knows his job. Born in Norway, he represents cold nature of Northern lands within his works. His music is shivering, very deep and charming with, of course, it's own style, which Geir likes to experiment with. For example, techno-influenced beats on Microgravity and Patashnik, or literally organic waves on Shenzhou, or even minimal ambience on Autour De La Lune.

22 maggio 2004
Not only it is worth checking Biosphere's albums and the Higher Intelligence Agency albums, but I must add that the 2 projects released under the name "Fires Of The Ork" (collaboration with Pete Namlook from the FAX label)are ones of the most brilliant atmo-ambient and beat-orientated ambient projects from Geir Jenssen. Come On guys! wake up and run for the next project called 'Autour De La Lune' under Biosphere's name. Also Check the website for nice exclusive tracks!

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