Autechre brian.elder.180

13 febbraio 2019
modificato 2 months ago
Autechre are like a rich fruit that you are not sure you like, but you keep having to try another one because you can’t quite make up your mind. Pleasurable and strangely addictive. Probably got vitamins too.

Autechre rd1994

01 febbraio 2019
19 hours of new live soundboards have been released on the Autechre webstore.

Autechre roorookangaroo

09 gennaio 2019
Super-clever bastards with one eye on the dancefloor, one eye on your mind, and a third eye somewhere else entirely. Absolutely brilliant.

Autechre amobokoboko

20 settembre 2018
Autechre and myself go back a long time, I first got to their sound at the age of 11 (1995) when I heard Eutow for the first time. It did play a major role in how I started to appreciate music and the styles of music I was looking into as a teenager. In late 2006 I got the album from a friend, rediscovered the track and got to know the artists behind it. Since then I have bene moving back- and forwards in their discography and having had the chance of seeing them play live a couple of times. Best moments ever. One of the most impressive skillsets AE has to offer is the art of adding X layers and elements in some of their tracks but creating a hollow, emptiness full of echo. Just mind-blowing.

Autechre as reviewed by mcalnd

21 agosto 2018
The duo's work started off fantastic, but since Exai the amount of album releases has become a bit stupid.

Autechre iamxaml

09 dicembre 2018
I understand your concern, however this is due to capricious data entry here more than anything else. These live recordings are not individual albums. An evolving set which could be listed as one live release, yes, but not individual albums. Also, the two following releases should in my view be seen as two releases, albumoids or very extended plays if you want, but not nine individual releases.

Autechre rd1994

29 agosto 2018
@mcalnd I don't know 21 hours (I did the math)..sure its a lot but the stuff is awesome, so...and then again Aohex Twin released 24 hours of music in mere months.

Autechre mcalnd

29 agosto 2018
modificato 7 months ago
@rd1994 No the list isn't THAT ridiculous at all...since Exai...I'm guessing 30 hours of material in 5 years?
L-Event (EP)
elseq 1
elseq 2
elseq 3
elseq 4
elseq 5
NTS Session 1
NTS Session 2
NTS Session 3
NTS Session 4

Autechre rd1994

25 agosto 2018
I don't even know that thats supposed to mean. Since then they put out 1 EP 2 studio albums and 1 live album. Is that really THAT ridiculous?

Autechre brownfizzle

22 agosto 2018
but since Exai the amount of releases has become a bit amazing.


Autechre as reviewed by Bradx

20 agosto 2018
Years ago, maybe 1991 or 1992, I presented a late night radio show on an RSL radio station (Restricted Service License) that ran during the Adur Festival in Sussex. I think it was called Adur FM and it broadcast from the glamorous confines of hospital radio studios in Shoreham-By-Sea. I presented it with a pal of mine and the music policy for the show was 'ambient techno' but it was pretty free-flowing and a lot of different stuff got played. It was quite a long show, at least 3 hours, maybe more. It went out in the middle of the night.

The guy I presented with was more clued-up than me and he used to fix up some guests to come in. One night he said it was to be a duo called Autechre. They duly showed up with their equipment and played at least a half-hour live set, maybe longer. They also came up with some prizes to give away in a phone-in competition, but I don't remember what.

I wish I could remember what they played.... and even more.... I wish I had a tape. My pal must have it though, as he always ran a tape and some of it (other shows, not the Autechre set) have turned up on Mixcloud.
I lost touch with him and haven't seen or spoken to him for at least 10 years, probably longer, but I just left a msg on his Mixcloud feed, so maybe he'll get back to me one of these days.

Autechre doc70

15 ottobre 2018
wishing you the best of luck finding your old friend and hopefully that recording. keep us posted here. I know of some hardcores who would die to listen to what you and your friend experienced that night, cool story, btw.

Autechre as reviewed by coldwavemusic

25 maggio 2018
My favorite since 1993. Their early work takes me back to a transcending time. Later works engulf me in mathmatic sonics that are boundless. Changing and shifting timbre amongst patterns of multiple harmonics.... with machine-like brute; holding it all together as it emanates from the black digital darkness.

Autechre ququ

18 maggio 2018
Autechre make some of the most detailed electronic music. It's fascinating to listen to the landscapes of shifting timbres they create. The NTS Sessions are incredible.

Autechre as reviewed by noviellion

11 febbraio 2018
modificato about 1 year ago
As I grow into my mid life years knowing Autechre's sound for over 20+ years I can say it's been a great ride. They have taught machines how to make music for them. A glimpse of Artificial Intelligence in it's purest form. They are of of those artist that will be imitated but never duplicated.

Autechre 6rx

03 febbraio 2018
Excellent, music duo. Found them around 2001 (Confield) and have been a listener/fan every since. Chiastic Slide, Utilted, Quaterstice, Move Of Ten, Exai, el seq are probably my most played at the moment. Only criticism I have is there tracks go on for a tad too long my taste sometimes. Also, with todays amount of music being release (because of the internet....) it would be nice to see them (this goes for everyone though) release only EP's. There's just way too much music out there to have to listen to a full-length...thanks internet! :/

Regardless, for me, one of the most important and favorite electronic music projects to ever happen. I think their best records are yet to come...let's hope so!

Autechre Crijevo

04 dicembre 2017
This is not music. This is geometry - with symmetry and asymmetry in between.

Autechre Refried

26 novembre 2017
And for their next album - sgw4[b5ibb Mu8095u=A$%%$ 4S5[jfjmn H'mlsfhpkm

Autechre as reviewed by PearOfSalamanca

22 giugno 2017
I can only define Autechre's music with two words: qraravigerascredafij addroaxasinamulopwida.

Autechre a-parasite

11 agosto 2017
Precisely. Not to nitpick, but if you overlooked anything at all I might suggest pnzqrexqwkkk.7i4ex v9? Hard one to nail down...

Autechre swil_wilson

02 agosto 2017
hahaha - that's really funny. I completely agree with you.

Autechre cartelmartel

15 febbraio 2017
most wild - and simultaneously - the most tame group ive ever heard. the boys dont give 1, theyve got their own clique

so enjoy the choice in their catalogue cause its all badd