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Roberto Festari

Vero nome:Roberto Festari

Italian writer, vocalist, engineer and producer. Has produced and wrote for Live Music Studio for a very long time, left in 2014. He produced his own pop album as "Nick Festari" then returned producing Eurobeat with Roberto Gabrielli at Delta and NickTheBeat Music late 2016. In 2021, he started collaborating with MandieNRG (Mandie Rem) on Hybrid Mix - their new Eurobeat brand.

Alias:Fesutaru, Fun Cool (2), Joe Banana, Joe D. Toaster, Nick Festari, Nick Turbo, Nick-o-Tron, Nicky Louder, Steve Tempest
Nei gruppi:Boogaboo, Cy-Ro, Francis Cooper, Garcon (2), Hi-NRG All Stars, Jeff Driller, Jungle Bill, Live Music Gang, Lucky Boy, Remy Panther
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