Mall Grab mysantrop

4 settembre 2020
This dude made a amazing dj mix only consisting of his own id's.

Mall Grab as reviewed by S.mee_Yall

25 agosto 2020
One of the most overrated producers out there. Mediocrity at it's best!!

Mall Grab shamalprasad

16 marzo 2021
Thanks for this helpful comment!! Good stuff!! You must listen to the best music!!

Mall Grab DJKETA

15 settembre 2017
This guy is a fucking G. If you get a chance to see him spin some records locally, i highly recommend.

Mall Grab eatdogs

19 luglio 2017
This guy must have listened to a lot of Matthew Herbert. But I sorta doubt it...

Mall Grab spl3nd1d

26 marzo 2016
What Joy Orbison is for UK is Mall Grab for Australia, I presume.

Oustanding output here.

Mall Grab TraverseInSound

22 settembre 2017
Nah, I think he's suggesting that both have enjoyed true enigmatic status, a term which is thrown about willy-nilly these days; but on this occasion, he's spot on.

Mall Grab ElliottP1707

12 novembre 2016
Except Joy O barely puts anything out and Mall Grab releases loads of stuff.

Mall Grab spl3nd1d

17 maggio 2016
modificato over 5 years ago
net-yaroze I have absolutely no idea what has led to this "straw man" argument of yours.

Just because I have compared them (hell, mentioned them in the same sentence) does not really mean they are the exact same in every single attribute. You over-romanticize Hyph Mngo because you have probably had the chance of getting the first hand experience - totally understandable. Somehow his huge influence comes up, and yeah, it's safe to assume that he will be regarded as a pioneer of electronic music decades later. All true, but not relevant. Not at all.


Mall Grab apuente

9 maggio 2016
modificato over 5 years ago
so true!!!! on point, I'm happy you made that comparison