Massive Attack ChrisHardwood

20 marzo 2018
yeah agree, M A whats up ?
anything in the pipeline ?


Massive Attack MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73

15 dicembre 2017
massive attack phoenix festival female singer but who is she please!

Massive Attack MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73

25 giugno 2018
Cheers, thanks for the info I will do some more research.

Massive Attack Case

25 giugno 2018
I don't know if it was the same lady there, but for the 2018 EU dates Deborah Miller joined them.

Massive Attack as reviewed by mousayayakool

22 novembre 2017
Can we know why the name of Shara Nelson doesn't appear..anywhere ??
she was part of the original group !

Massive Attack kevinb1972

14 marzo 2017
Mezzanine the standout album. First two were great also. What a band, what style.

Massive Attack KDSutherland

20 novembre 2016
Reissues for the first two albums and the Mad Proff. remix coming early December.

Massive Attack sengork

27 dicembre 2015
One of a kind band, some might find it surprising how far they've come from their Wild Bunch hip-hop days.

Massive Attack AstridaBreca

11 maggio 2011
One of the best bands ever in every possible way, all of their albums are a must have!

Massive Attack as reviewed by manchester

12 settembre 2005
modificato over 14 years ago
I'm astounded that nobody has left a comment about these innovators of dance music. They created one of the greatest albums in any genre, 'Blue Lines', which many regard to be the finest dance music album of all time. They invented trip hop long before people like Portishead, Morcheeba etc were on the scene. 'Protection' and 'Mezzanine' are 2 fantastic dance music albums that display superb creativity & timeless tracks encompassing, trip hop, dub, nu-soul, chill out, dark & optmistic lyrics & haunting poignant music which was very much a reflection on the 90s decade. Stunning music makers who will forever be remembered, RESPECT.

Massive Attack tbowler

14 luglio 2015
Agree! But the funny thing is, Blue Lines is my least favorite of the first three LPs. I liked each one more than the last. I guess my taste is the opposite of Mushroom's:( Mezzanine's probably my favorite. 100 Window was the first one released after I became a fan, and I remember feeling quite let down, but it's absolutely grown on me. I'm listening to it on vinyl now, which is why I'm on this page! The Burial collab was awesome, recently. Loved the Splitting the Atom EP, but somehow Heligoland still leaves me cold. I actually like the song Splitting the Atom as Track 1, like it is on that EP. I don't like Pray for Rain in the opening track position on the LP...can't explain it because I loved it following "Splitting..." on the EP. yet I still don't "get" the epic greatness of Blue Lines. dutifully bought the 2012 mix/master of course, so I'm still trying!