DJ Seinfeld

Vero nome:
Armand Jakobsson
Electronic music producer from Malmö Sweden based in Barcelona, Spain

Armand began making music in Edinburgh at the suggestion of a respected friend. He spent time experimenting with music and exploring the possibilities contained within his laptop was cathartic relief from the grind of finishing his studies. Later returning to his hometown of Malmö, his interest in making music would intensify thanks to encouragement from his old school friends and a the looming spectre of a 9-5 lifestyle. A move to Barcelona and the end of a relationship resulted in extended sessions watching the classic American sitcom and the music made to reflect that appeared under the name DJ Seinfeld.

He initially started DJ Seinfeld as a temporary side project, but it took on a life of its own toward the end of 2016, when the Season 1 EP was released by Lobster Theremin. The release's meme-like artwork and the jokey-sounding moniker combined with track titles like "Feel de Bum Slap" caused many observers to question the artist's authenticity, and he was frequently lumped in with producers like Ross from Friends and the Winona Ryder-sampling DJ Boring as part of an ironic "lo-fi house" craze. Regardless, the media attention helped boost his career, and additional Seinfeld 12"s were released by Natural Sciences, E-Beamz, and Endotherm in 2017, with debut full-length Time Spent Away from U appearing on Lobster Fury in November.

DJ Seinfeld Discografia Tracks


DJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U album art DJ Seinfeld Time Spent Away From U (Album) Lobster Fury, Lobster Fury UK 2017 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

DJ Seinfeld - Season 1 EP album art DJ Seinfeld Season 1 EP (EP) Lobster Fury, Lobster Theremin, Meda Fury UK 2016 Vendi questa versione
DJ Seinfeld -  #8  album art DJ Seinfeld / M44K DJ Seinfeld / M44K - #8 E-Beamz UK 2017 Vendi questa versione
DJ Seinfeld - Ruff Hysteria album art DJ Seinfeld Ruff Hysteria (EP) Natural Sciences UK 2017 Vendi questa versione
ENDOS001 DJ Seinfeld - Sunrise album art DJ Seinfeld Sunrise(12", EP) Endotherm ENDOS001 Denmark 2017 Vendi questa versione
DJ Seinfeld - Sakura album art DJ Seinfeld Sakura (EP) Deep Sea Frequency UK 2018 Vendi questa versione

DJ Mixes

DJ Seinfeld - DJ-Kicks album art DJ Seinfeld DJ-Kicks (Comp) !K7 Records Germany 2018 Vendi questa versione