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Vero nome:Dennis Buné

Back in 1990, Jaimy was one of the first Dutch producers who succeeded in making a living with house music. He obtained his first record deal at the age of 19 and being adopted by Amsterdam’s Outland Records, just before their period of grandeur, Jaimy was responsible for a lot of the music coming out of the Outland studios.

Around 1998 he met his musical partner Kenny D.
Production wise, Jaimy & Kenny D released most of their stuff with Black Hole Recordings, but also signed tracks and projects to United Recordings, Combined Forces and Perfecto.

In 2004 Jaimy took the independent route and set up his label Fatal Music. A year later, Drum Mode followed.
Alias:Dennis Buné, Desire (8), In2ition, NMF, Scandalous, Solid Façade, Soul Collector
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