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Stefan Joel Weisser
Born: February 8, 1951, Los Angeles, California, USA - Died: December 16, 2017 (aged 66).
American conceptual artist, musician, scholar and poet. Stefan Weisser began playing the drums at age 4. He moved to New York City from San Francisco in 1979, and adopted the name Z'EV, his work with performance/noise percussion broke new ground and drew the attention of rock symphonist Glenn Branca, dancer Simone Forti, guitarist Rudolph Grey and just about everybody related to the downtown scene. His recordings from the early 1990s were created in New York with the assistance of long-time friends and collaborators Wharton Tiers and Glenn Branca.
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Z'EV - Production And Decay Of Spacial Relations album art ZEV* Production And Decay Of Spacial Relations Backstreet Backlash Records Netherlands 1981 Vendi questa versione
SUB 30 Z'EV - Elemental Music album art Z'EV Elemental Music(LP) Subterranean Records SUB 30 US 1982 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - 50 Gates album art Z'EV 50 Gates Staaltape Netherlands 1984 Vendi questa versione
CION 001 Z'EV - The Invisible Man / The Old Sweat album art Z'EV The Invisible Man / The Old Sweat(LP) Coercion CION 001 UK 1984 Vendi questa versione
ST 3001 Z'EV - Berlin Atonal Vol. 1 album art Psychic TV / Z,ev* Psychic TV / Z,ev* - Berlin Atonal Vol. 1(LP) Atonal Records ST 3001 Germany 1984 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - My Favorite Things album art Z'EV My Favorite Things (Album, Comp) Subterranean Records US 1985 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - Schönste Muziek album art Z'EV Schönste Muziek Dossier Germany 1986 Vendi questa versione
ST 7544 Z'EV - Bust This! album art Z'EV Bust This!(LP) Dossier ST 7544 Germany 1988 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - Opus 3 album art Z'EV Opus 3 Staalplaat, Helmholtz Theater Netherlands 1990 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - Symphony No. 2 (The Peak Of The Sacred) album art Branca* Featuring Z'ev Branca* Featuring Z'ev - Symphony No. 2 (The Peak Of The Sacred) (Album) Atavistic US 1992 Vendi questa versione
Avan 034 Z'EV - Heads & Tales album art Z'EV Heads & Tales(CD, Album) Avant Avan 034 Japan 1996 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - Ghost Stories album art Z'EV Ghost Stories Soleilmoon Recordings US 1998 Vendi questa versione
c.i.p. cd01 Z'EV - An Uns Momento album art Z'EV An Uns Momento(CD, Ltd, RE) Crippled Intellect Productions c.i.p. cd01 US 1999 Vendi questa versione
SOL 72 CD Z'EV - Face The Wound album art Z'EV Face The Wound(CD, Album) Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 72 CD US 2001 Vendi questa versione
CSR30CD Z'EV - Direction Ov Travel album art Genesis P-Orridge / Z'EV Genesis P-Orridge / Z'EV - Direction Ov Travel(CD, Ltd, RE) Cold Spring CSR30CD UK 2002 Vendi questa versione
TZ 7161 Z'EV - The Sapphire Nature album art Z'ev The Sapphire Nature(CD, Album, Enh) Tzadik TZ 7161 US 2002 Vendi questa versione
TO:63 Z'EV - Headphone Musics 1 To 6 B/W As Is As [1976] album art Z'EV Headphone Musics 1 To 6 B/W As Is As [1976](CD, Album) Touch TO:63 UK 2004 Vendi questa versione
DS77 Z'EV - Tocsin -6 Thru +2 album art Organum / Z'EV Organum / Z'EV - Tocsin -6 Thru +2(CD, Album, Ltd) Die Stadt DS77 Germany 2004 Vendi questa versione
Tone 24 Z'EV - Number One album art KK. Null* _ Chris Watson _ Z'EV KK. Null* _ Chris Watson _ Z'EV - Number One(CD, Album) Touch Tone 24 UK 2005 Vendi questa versione
SVR04010 Z'EV - Rhythmajik album art Z'EV Rhythmajik(CD) SmallVoices SVR04010 Italy 2005 Vendi questa versione
TouchRadio 4 Z'EV - Untitled album art Z'EV Untitled(File, MP3) Touch TouchRadio 4 UK 2005
Z'EV - Symphony #2 - Elementalities album art Z'EV Symphony #2 - Elementalities (Album) Blossoming Noise US 2006 Vendi questa versione
Z'EV - Untitled album art Z'EV / David Linton Z'EV / David Linton - Untitled Die Stadt Germany 2006 Vendi questa versione
ABM21 Z'EV - #1 album art Hati vs. Z'EV Hati vs. Z'EV - #1(CD, Album, Ltd) Ars Benevola Mater ABM21 Italy 2006 Vendi questa versione
CIPCD018 Z'EV - Artificial Life album art KK.Null* / Z'EV KK.Null* / Z'EV - Artificial Life(CD, Album) Crippled Intellect Productions CIPCD018 US 2006 Vendi questa versione

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