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One of the earliest of all Motown groups The Miracles were formed at school in Detroit in 1955 as The Five Chimes. In 1956 they changed their name to The Matadors, adding Claudette Rogers to the line-up. They were spotted by Berry Gordy at an audition in late 1957 and in February 1958 changed their name to The Miracles. Their first release, 'Got A Job' b/w 'My Mama Done Told Me', was issued via the End label that same month. Another single on End followed, and then one on Chess and Motown, before the group finally found a home on Tamla where they had a string of hits and Smokey established himself as a key songwriter for the label throughout the 1960s.

In late 1965 Berry Gordy decided to adjust the group's name and they were billed thereafter as Smokey Robinson & The Miracles although it was still one group, until Smokey left the group in July 1972 (although the final Smokey Robinson & The Miracles single was not released until November). He was replaced by Billy Griffin, with the name being reverted back to The Miracles for the new line-up.

The Miracles stayed with Motown until 1976, and had a number one US hit with 'Love Machine' in 1975. In 1976 they moved to Columbia.

William "Smokey" Robinson (1955–1972)
Ronald "Ronnie" White (1955–1983; 1993–1995)
Warren "Pete" Moore (1955–1978)
Clarence Dawson (1955)
James Grice (1955)
Emerson Rogers (1956)
Robert "Bobby" Rogers (1956–1983; 1993–2013)
Claudette Rogers (Robinson) (1956–1964)
Billy Griffin (1972–1978; late 1990s)
Dave Finley (1978–1983; 1993–present)
Sidney Justin (1993–c.2000)
Tee Turner (1996–present)
Mark Scott (2005–2008)
Alphonse Franklin (2008-present)

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Members:Billy Griffin, Claudette Robinson, Dave Finley, Marvin Tarplin, Robert Rogers, Ronald White, Sidney Justin, Smokey Robinson, Thurman Turner, Warren Moore
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