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Chris Thomson, Chris Hamley, Andy Cone, Andy Coronado, Tom Allnut
Formed in 1995 in Washington, DC, Monorchid featured a mix of punk and rock and roll, which was dubbed by some as "cajuncore", and reunited ex-Circus Lupus members Chris Thomson (2) (vocals) and Chris Hamley (guitar). Andy Cone (guitar), Andy Coronado (bass), and Tom Allnut (drums) rounded out the band. After three 7" releases, the band released their first LP, "Let Them Eat" on no less than 3 labels (with Simple Machines and Dischord Records sharing the CD issue and Lovitt Records doing the vinyl). The group jumped to Touch And Go for their second LP, "Who Put Out The Fire?". Chris Hamley quit after the recording and the band broke up shortly after the release. Thomson and Coronado continued on in Skull Kontrol, who also recorded for Touch And Go. The Monorchid reunited for an appearance at Touch And Go's 25th Anniversary party in 2006.
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Monorchid - Let Them Eat... artwork dell'album The Monorchid* Let Them Eat... (Album) Simple Machines, Dischord Records US 1997 Vendi questa versione
Monorchid - Who Put Out The Fire? artwork dell'album The Monorchid* Who Put Out The Fire? (Album) Touch And Go US 1998 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

Monorchid - Impostor Costume artwork dell'album Monorchid Impostor Costume (EP) Lovitt Records US 1995 Vendi questa versione
Gravity 27 Monorchid - When The Mutes Begin To Root artwork dell'album Monorchid When The Mutes Begin To Root(7") Gravity (2) Gravity 27 US 1996 Vendi questa versione
SMR 048 Monorchid - Monorchid artwork dell'album Monorchid Monorchid(7", Single) Simple Machines SMR 048 US 1996 Vendi questa versione