Vero nome:
Giuseppe Verticchio
Born in Rome in 1965, Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio), a computer programmer, started to play electronic music in 1994. In 1996 he moved in Koh Samui, Thailand, where he lived for about a year. During this period he got to know and love traditional oriental music, and started collecting various ethnic instruments that can be heard on some of his CDs. From 2001 onwards he released several CDs as Nimh, his main musical project. His music combines a wide spectrum of influences as he recorded and released many works of different genres containing elements of experimental music, ambient, dark-ambient, industrial, electronic, shoegaze, post-rock, folk, isolationism, ritual-ethnic music. While some of his earlier works are only available as limited edition CD-Rs, since 2004 Nimh published many official CDs and vinyls on labels such as Amplexus, Silentes, Malignant, Eibon, Rage in Eden, Winter Light, St.An.Da., 13, GS Productions, Naked Lunch Records, Oltrelanebbiailmare, Synästhesie Schallplatten, alternating solo works with side projects (Hall Of Mirrors, Twist Of Fate (4), Maribor, We Promise To Betray, Lham, Biasthon…) and collaborations with other artists as Rapoon, Maurizio Bianchi, Mauthausen Orchestra, Andrea Marutti, Aube, Day Before Us, Antikatechon, Amir Baghiri, Nefelheim, Claudio Ricciardi, Bruno De Angelis. Furthermore he was involved in various roles (open projects, partecipation to CDs and compilations, live performances, audio editing, mixing and mastering works…) with other artists/projects in the ambient-electronic-industrial-experimental-ethnic musical scene, such as Eidulon, K11/Pietro Riparbelli, New Risen Throne, Subterranean Source/Andrea Bellucci, Vestigial, Hue/Matteo Uggeri, Raffaele Serra, Andrea Ferroni, Stefano Scala, Andrea Ferraris, Subinterior/Andrea Freschi, Stefano Gentile, Gianluca Favaron, One Sound Duo, Davide Riccio/Dear, Claudio Ricciardi (ex member with Roberto Laneri of the legendary harmonic chant ensemble "Prima Materia").


none Nimh - Line Of Fire artwork dell'album Nimh Line Of Fire Not On Label (Nimh Self-released) none Italy 2001 Vendi questa versione
afe043lcd Nimh - Frozen artwork dell'album Nimh Frozen(CDr, Album, Ltd, Num) Afe Records afe043lcd Italy 2002 Vendi questa versione
none Nimh - The Impossible Days artwork dell'album Nimh The Impossible Days (Album) Weird Amplexus none Italy 2003 Vendi questa versione
WAX09 Nimh - Whispers From The Ashes artwork dell'album Nimh / Nefelheim Nimh / Nefelheim - Whispers From The Ashes(CD, Album) Weird Amplexus WAX09 Italy 2004 Vendi questa versione
sme 0506 Nimh - Secluded Truths artwork dell'album Nimh + M.B.* Nimh + M.B.* - Secluded Truths (Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0506 Italy 2005 Vendi questa versione
sme 0505 Nimh - Subterranean Thoughts artwork dell'album Nimh Subterranean Thoughts(CD, Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0505 Italy 2005 Vendi questa versione
20060609 Nimh - Entities artwork dell'album Baghiri* & Nimh Baghiri* & Nimh - Entities(CDr, Album, Ltd) Silentes 20060609 Italy 2006 Vendi questa versione
AMN069 Nimh - Sator artwork dell'album Amon / Nimh Amon / Nimh - Sator(CD, Album) Eibon Records AMN069 Italy 2007 Vendi questa versione
sme 0610 Nimh - The Missing Tapes artwork dell'album Nimh The Missing Tapes(CD, Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0610 Italy 2007 Vendi questa versione
sme 0718 Nimh - The Unkept Secrets artwork dell'album Nimh The Unkept Secrets(CD) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0718 Italy 2008 Vendi questa versione
sme 0932 Nimh - From Unhealthy Places artwork dell'album Nimh / Mauthausen Orchestra Nimh / Mauthausen Orchestra - From Unhealthy Places(CD, Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0932 Italy 2009 Vendi questa versione
sme 0929 Nimh - Travel Diary artwork dell'album Nimh Travel Diary(CD, Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0929 Italy 2009 Vendi questa versione
none Nimh - V artwork dell'album Nimh V(Cass, Album, Ltd, C36) Silentes Tapestry none Italy 2011 Vendi questa versione
sme 1042 Nimh - Krungthep Archives artwork dell'album Nimh Krungthep Archives(CD, Album) Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1042 Italy 2011 Vendi questa versione
RAGE91 Nimh - Under Mournful Horizons artwork dell'album Day Before Us / Nimh Day Before Us / Nimh - Under Mournful Horizons(CD, Album) Rage In Eden RAGE91 Poland 2012 Vendi questa versione
SS001 Nimh - This Crying Era artwork dell'album Nimh This Crying Era(LP, Ltd, Num) (Synästhesie Schallplatten) SS001 Italy 2012 Vendi questa versione
RAGE 97 Nimh - Out Hunting For Teeth artwork dell'album Nimh & Antikatechon Nimh & Antikatechon - Out Hunting For Teeth(CD, Album, Ltd) Rage In Eden RAGE 97 Poland 2013 Vendi questa versione
NLR012CD Nimh - Black Silences artwork dell'album Nimh Black Silences(CD, Album, Ltd) Naked Lunch Records NLR012CD Italy 2015 Vendi questa versione
Rage 110 Nimh - Circles Of The Vain Prayers artwork dell'album Nimh Circles Of The Vain Prayers(CD, Album) Rage In Eden Rage 110 Poland 2016 Vendi questa versione
WIN 021 Nimh - Beyond The Crying Era artwork dell'album Nimh Beyond The Crying Era(CD, Album, Ltd) Winter-Light WIN 021 Netherlands 2019 Vendi questa versione
WIN 029 Nimh - Post-Folk Lore Vol. I artwork dell'album Nimh & Rapoon Nimh & Rapoon - Post-Folk Lore Vol. I (Album) Winter-Light WIN 029 Netherlands 2020 Vendi questa versione
2244 Nimh - Iron And Ice artwork dell'album Nimh Iron And Ice(CD, Album, Ltd) St.An.Da. 2244 Italy 2022 Vendi questa versione

Singles & EPs

alm 7 Nimh - Lanna Memories artwork dell'album Nimh Lanna Memories taâlem alm 7 France 2002 Vendi questa versione
none Nimh - The Thanandar's Room artwork dell'album Nimh The Thanandar's Room(CDr, Single, Bla) Not On Label (Nimh Self-released) none Italy 2003 Vendi questa versione


smebox-1 Nimh - Together's Symphony artwork dell'album M.B.* + Nimh M.B.* + Nimh - Together's Symphony(4xCD, Album + Box, Comp, Ltd) Silentes Minimal Editions smebox-1 Italy 2005 Vendi questa versione