Instant Funk


1970s-1980s soul group originally from Trenton, New Jersey.

Instant Funk formed in the early 70s by Raymond Earl, Scotty Miller and guitarist Kim Miller originally called The Music Machine. Music Machine started out backing the The T.N.J.'s. In 1971 their manager Jackie Ellis decided to rename the band Instant Funk because of their ability to, "find a groove and lock in to it instantly."

Bunny Sigler discovered the band and they became his backing band before becoming a feature band in their own right. They released their first independent album, "Get Down With the Philly Jump," in 1976.

Raymond Earl (bass)
Scotty Miller (drums)
Kim Miller (guitar)
Dennis Richardson (keyboards)
James Carmichael (lead vocals)
Larry Davis (horns)
Eric Huff (horns)
Johnny Onderlinde (horns)
George Bell
Charles Williams (percussion)

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Members:Bunny Sigler, Charles Williams (10), Dennis Richardson, Donald Lamons, Elijah Jones, Eric Huff, George Bell, James Carmichael (2), Johnny Onderlinde, Kim Miller, Larry Davis, Michael Giss, Raymond Earl, Scotty Miller
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