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Bochum Welt

Bochum Welt

Vero nome:Gianluigi Di Costanzo

Bochum Welt is the stage name of the Italian electronic musician Gianluigi Di Costanzo.
The name Bochum Welt is a combination of the German word for "world" (welt) and the name of a high-powered astral telescope.

Di Costanzo has released numerous records on established record labels. His first single for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label, "Scharlach Eingang" (1994), published by Warner/Chappell Music, was sufficiently accomplished that the British music magazine NME ran an article claiming that Bochum Welt could be a new ghost project by Aphex Twin.

Di Costanzo's first album on Sony Music Japan, "Module 2 / Desktop Robotics" collecting his first recordings, was followed by a double CD Rephlex release Robotic Operating Buddy, nominated in 2009 as a top 15 electronica album by the British music magazine The Wire.
BMG signed him to a long term worldwide publishing deal in 2009.

Rephlex Records released his new full length in 2013, “Good Programs (To Be Coloured in Yellow)”, as well as a collaborative EP with Heinrich Muller aka Gerald Donald from the Detroit group DREXCIYA, nominated in 2013 by Fact (UK magazine) in the 50 greatest 10ʺ records of FACT’s lifetime. Both of the records were published worldwide by BMG.

"April", a 17 studio track album, is one of the official Record Store Day releases in April 2017, released by Studio K7 and published by BMG.
In 2019 and 2020 "Seafire", an album and remixes released by CPU Records / BMG, includes collaborations with Nine Inch Nails former member Telefon Tel Aviv and EOD.

CPU Record / BMG released a Bochum Welt “Feelings on a Screen + Desktop Robotics” anniversary edition album in 2022.

In addition to releasing his own music, Di Costanzo has worked with Thomas Dolby's Headspace and Beatnik Inc., the Hollywood companies that completed multimedia productions for Steven Spielberg, David Bowie and others. , Facebook , Instagram , X , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , YouTube ,
Alias:Gianluigi Di Costanzo, The Voder
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