Real Name:Jhelisa Anderson

Jhelisa Anderson is a vocalist and producer.

Vocalist Jhelisa Anderson started to sing in church at the age of five years old with her family's singing group, "The Little David Family". At the age of 19 she startet her recording career with the New Wave Soul band Pal (2), before she moved to the UK in 1991 and began her career in Soul Family Sensation. Since her debut in 1994 she has become an accomplished solo artist singing, writing & producing under her first name, Jhelisa.

She made two albums and a string of singles and EP's. Her best known track was "Friendly Pressure", a tune that was remixed and re-released many times. She's also been a guest singer for Björk (all backing vocals on the "Debut" album), Paul Weller, The Shamen, Block 16, and A.P.E.. Also making guest appearances with jazz boho's like Courtney Pine and Bob Belden.

Her sister is Pamela Anderson, who sang with D*Note and Incognito, her cousin is Carleen Anderson, and her aunt and step-uncle are Vicki Anderson & Bobby Byrd. , All Music , Bandcamp , Facebook , Wikipedia , X
Aliases:Jhelisa Anderson, Sinden Flowers, The Beat Ho
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