• super-wolf 4 months ago

    I have recently discovered "bass processors", but don't know about it.
    I have found, that some people use it for car audio, and I think they are useful in a studio too,
    but are they also useful for DJ use, for example, to boost reissues to make them sound like original?
  • kurts.ear.candy 4 months ago

    For car audio, yes. What kind of studio are you referring to ? A recording studio or a mixing studio ? My guess for that would be neither. You would want either studio to be flat and do all the processing to the actual recording itself after the fact.

    For DJ use with a house PA system maybe. Only one way to find out. Try it.
  • super-wolf 3 months ago

    It was just a thought, maybe for vocals to give them another dimension or presence, in addition to use of reverb.
    But primarly I was thinking of post-processing.

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