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Black Mark Label


Short-lived label founded in 1984, as a sub-company for a parent company Tyfon Grammofon AB.

This label will later be renamed Black Mark Production.

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Do not confuse with Black Mark Production and Black Mark AB.

The period of the company's activity 1984 - 1991.
The initiator of the creation of the sub-company was Börje Forsberg.
Company Tyfon Grammofon AB it was not wanted to associate its activities directly with music of "extreme noise", it was an experiment with the music market.

Was founded to license the music of Bathory.
The existence of the Black Mark Label began with the release of Bathory.

In 1991 Börje Forsberg established Black Mark Production as extreme metal label releasing a variety of mainly European bands.

Parent Label:Tyfon Grammofon AB
Sublabels:Black Mark (3)


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