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Ritual Productions is a record label based in London, launched in the Winter 2010.

Debut release RITE001 initiated the ceremonies with Ramesses second full length album, titled ‘Take the Curse’, which was unleashed on Summer Solstice 2010. This critically acclaimed album was followed by Ritual Productions releasing Ramesses’ entire back catalogue as digital downloads. A very successful inauguration which surpassed all expectations.

In 2011 Ritual Productions released three brand new albums around Spring Equinox: Bong ‘Beyond Ancient Space’ (RITE006CD & RITE007DL), Ramesses ‘Chrome Pineal’ (RITE008LP & RITE009DL), and Ramesses ‘Possessed by The Rise of Magik’ (RITE010CD & RITE011DL). We were very proud to release our first vinyl, and looked forward to many more vinyl releases in the near future.

2012 started with three releases: the re-issue of long sold out vinyl for Ramesses ‘Take the Curse’ (RITE013LP), with new packaging and lots of extra material and goodies, an eagerly awaited and especially remixed vinyl release for Ramesses ‘Possessed By The Rise of Magik’(RITE012LP), and last but not least, a brand new full length studio album from Bong, titled ‘Mana-Yood-Sushai’ (RITE016CD). We have also reissued Bong’s rare debut ‘Self-titled’ (RITE018CD) album for the first time on CD, with an awesome previously unreleased bonus track from the same recording session. The last release of 2012 is the vinyl version of Bong’s ‘Mana-Yood-Sushai’ (RITE020LP). 2012 proved to be a busy year for Ritual Productions!

In the pipeline for 2013 we have: the debut (and follow up) release from new band 11PARANOIAS, titled ‘Superunnatural’ (RITE021LP / RITE022DD/ RITE023CD), Bong’s third studio full length (RITE024LP / RITE025 CD / RITE026 DD), Bong ‘Mana-Yood-Sushai’ (RITE020LP) second pressing on coloured vinyl, Bong ‘Beyond Ancient Space’ (RITE027LP) remixed and remastered for double LP plus the reissues of Ramesses ‘Misanthopic Alchemy’ on CD (RITE015CD) and vinyl (RITE014LP).

Ritual Productions sees all of its releases as serious artistic processes which deserve and get the utmost care and attention to detail. We only release the best quality products, crafted to inspire you.

Ritual Productions continues the journey to work with daring, like-minded artists.

Expect the unexpected, thrive on chaos. , Instagram , Facebook , X , YouTube , Bandcamp


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