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  • Avatar di droderick175
    I agree totally with the review from SpinningGroovez. I have found the pressing quality of these Wax Time as good as, and sometimes BETTER than more expensive labels & pressings. They are quiet, flat, never off-center and sound GREAT. To those in the company directly involved with manufacturing...THANK YOU - GREAT JOB!
    • Avatar di SpinningGroovez
      Modificato 1 anno fa
      I really try to buy like AP, MFSL or TP Blue Note in general but like this one, I did not find an alternative so I have a few Waxtime, DOL, Jazz Images too but I can clearly say, these negatives do not match my experience. Actually in terms of pressing quality the US releases even stand behind them. Even QR are sometimes warped or have lots of pops and noise in general. Never ever had this on these cheaper priced pressings. They all sound noiseless. When I read stupid reviews like "they ripped a CD" I have a big laugh. Just check the websites or google and you see they use DSD as MFSL does these days. Of course then it is never a problem using digital sources and you pay more then 100$ for these with even a bad pressing quality. I am more then satisfied with the quality. I even did AB comparisons with some high quality records and they can easely hold up in my high end system. Mastering is what counts not marketing terminology.
      • Avatar di wdrhold
        This label is absolutely terrible if you care about what the music sounds like. Sound quality is uniformly awful on any decent system. Avoid at all costs imo. Complete trash unless you are just looking for something to hang on the wall or play only on a poor quality suitcase-type turntable.
        • Avatar di TheBFoxy
          The reviews here echo my personal experiences. If your priority in a record is the authenticity of the source, look elsewhere. If your priority is getting a excellently pressed, quality controlled copy of an album, these are for you. I find myself actually playing these records to death and saving the others for my children.
          • Avatar di CrmMz
            Modificato 1 anno fa
            Used to grab these records when I first started collecting them, but stopped later on when I got really into SQ and other aspects (That was back in 2016 or so). Like others, I wasn't a fan of the questionable sourcing and iffy audio, however I could appreciate them serving as cheap entry level/placeholder records for future copies from other labels.

            Reason I'm mentioning: Pressing quality these days. I've picked up several official releases from other labels and have had varying record quality on terms of presentation (i.e dirty, scratched, warped etc). Most are usually on-point, but I have to say that out of all the WaxTime pressings I had early on--I've never once had an issue with any of them--seriously. SQ wise for sure, but pressing wise--nope. Every single record I grabbed from this label was entirely flat and had absolutely no defects in the record.

            I kinda find it amusing, I guess. The label that produces the most questionably sourced and cheap records creates some of the most flawless pressings I've seen in terms of physical presentation. Can't speak for everyone here, just from my own previous experiences.

            Understand that for me this label is no longer my go-to for anything anymore, however I felt the need to put this out there given all the negative vibes surrounding this label. In fact, If I were to put out my biggest issue with this label, it would be that it's a grey market label that doesn't compensate the artists for pressing their recordings.

            Wonder what the pressing process is for this company... Given how flat, heavy, and flawless (most of the time, cause I'm sure they're not perfect)) the actual vinyl that comes out is, maybe other companies could take note? Certainly Rainbo could (if they were still around, lol.) What do you folks think?

            • Avatar di porkpie_hat
              This label is the pits. nearly as bad as Doxy. Waste of vinyl imho. Just buy a CD and save yourself the disappointment.
              • Avatar di LumpyJ
                I'm not sure what all the fuss is about and the accusations that Waxtime are sourced from CDs? I've read some articles on DOL, and other Russian pressings, being questionably sourced but, Waxtime? I have yet to read/see any solid evidence. Besides, many of these titles were legit released in Europe and therefore public domain labels would potentially have access to a digital master to at minimum, press CDs, let alone vinyl. Even still why split hairs? Unless you're buying a release which has been noted as taken from "original tape" or "original source material" it's safe to assume you're buying a digital pressing anyway. So, is there going to be a massive difference in a copy of a digitally sourced LP released through Verve or Bluenote vs Waxtime?! That's difficult to argue. Pressing quality is a completely different story but, as other's have noted that can be inconsistent as well from any label. If anyone has solid evidence that Waxtime are sourced from CDs then please leave some links in the replies, I'm curious myself. Until then, here's an article to consider....
                • Avatar di RatasBaratas
                  Hit or miss label. I own several Waxtime reissues and while some of them confirm what other reviewers have said about their quietness and surprisingly warm sound, the rest is downright awful to listen to and impossible to EQ or enjoy at all. Although I'm very happy with the ones that work, I wouldn't take the risk of purchasing copies that I simply won't ever play.
                  • Avatar di lykensalexander
                    Certainly not the best out there, flimsy sound and sleeves. But they're dirt cheap so if you're looking to expand your collection and not too picky about maximum quality, they're not the WORSE thing in the world. Personally for my more involved Jazz collection at this point, I'll be going with better companies (i.e., Blue Note) when I can.
                    • Avatar di hvaladares
                      Pure shit: they press their vinyls from CD rips, them bastards are crooks. Although the vinyl quality itself is not bad at all, it's just a ripoff.