Series launched in 1975 by Dischi Ricordi S.p.A. for budget reissues of out-of-print Ricordi releases. The series also includes releases from labels that were only distributed by Dischi Ricordi S.p.A. It covered many genres; from progressive to simple pop music, folk and commercial music.
Orizzonte releases mostly have a triangle with clouds in the top left corner of the front cover and the label's name was written on the back cover, sometimes on the labels, too.
Attention: Please always state the primary label first !
The company Dischi Ricordi S.p.A. usually is mentioned as a distributor and/or manufacturer.
Please try to provide label images, at least describe the labels, as there are frequently reissues within the Orizzonte series with different label designs, while shows the same cat#.
For the release dates:
- Please don't state dates earlier than 1975
- Orizzonte releases are reissues, so don't state the initial release date.
- If not sure, the date should stay vacant.

Parent Label:Dischi Ricordi S.p.A.
Sublabels:Classico (3), Folk (2), Jazz (18)


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