Charisma Chapp33.3

31 maggio 2018
"In the US Charisma was distributed by Buddah Records until 1973, then by Atlantic from 1986 to 1992 and finally by EMI until the label was shut down in 1995."
Is this a typo, or do we really not know who distributed in the US for 13 years? Or are those the years with labels that note: Manufactured and Marketed by [Polydor] 810 Seventh Ave. NY, NY 10019.

Charisma Old_Boy

16 gennaio 2011
I have a gatefold Genesis LP 'Trick of the tail'. It's yellow and has the MadHatter logo on the back of the cover, unlike the ones pictered in discogs.
Its cat is 6369 974 but it is not made in Germany. the label does not match with any pictered in discogs. It's made in 1975 but Charisma don't have any listed like this one. the others from this year are Scandanavian, Italian or German and this is claerly not. Any suggestions which pressing this is?? Many thanks for any help